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Ever since Brian was little his love has been planes. He always say there's just something about them and a rush he gets when flying in one. He's in love with experiencing the scenery and outside world when he's flying. Needless to say, he has to have a window seat whenever we fly in a big plane together. 

His grandfather once had a plane and so that's how he got started loving it. I cant event ell you how many different stories he's told me. It's kind of neat hearing how one person can make so many lasting memories involving a plane. When he was in high school he started taking lessons but quit because of the money. I learned about the money issue the hard way! For about 2 years after Brian and I started dating he would get all gitty when someone would say he should fly again. I put my two cents in and agreed that it would be good. He kept saying no because of the money. It wasn't like we had alot of money anyway. His dad offered to pay but no. Throughout the summer you could tell that although he'd say "no", Brian truly wanted to start in his heart. I may of pushed a little and finally he went up for a lesson in the Fall of 2011. He'd do a lesson here and there but it was still an iffy thing in his mind. There's an airport two minutes from us that he was able to go to, which was a plus. He started to come out of his shell and really started to enjoy it again. It was great for all of us who watched him!

He loved having us go watch him fly with his instructor! this was just the beginning. He started to plan more flights and the branched out to more places besides the airport. Brian did this whole thing at a stable pace and would stop for weeks on end. He'd come home and be so excited about how they went to all these places. It was a challenge for him, a good challenge. In February of 2012, Brian did his first solo. 

Now came the crazy planning and books all over the house. While it pained me everyday to see a mess, it also made me happy that he was finally doing something he loved. Unfortunately in the summer he had to switch airports for various reasons. But, I think it was a good choice!  He became friendly with more people and got to experience so many more things. He did ground school and got his certificate thing. he had great instructors also! He'd go do "cross countries" which meant he'd fly to another state. He got introduced to so many different airports and places. It was good practice. He'd spend hours a hour planning where they were going to go. He'd read all the aviation books until his eyes gave out. I'll admit I kind of got impatient lol. He'd have maps and charts and highlights and notebooks and books everywhere. It all looked so foreign to me! He loved getting pictures of himself in the plane!

Now we are at the beginning of this year, 2013. He kind of put off getting his license. He'd say he had this date as the goal but then that would come and go. He wasn't ready. He needed more flight time. This is what he told me. But I knew that wasn't the whole story. I held my breath and let him take his time. I sucked up the mess and the lack of being able to use the computer and the lack of sleep. I'd  barely see him during the day. When he wasn't at work, he'd be flying. It was good dedication. He wanted it all perfect. It was funny because he kept saying to me that he was not going to tell anyone when he was going to go take the test. He'd wake up one day and just do it. I kind of annoyed him saying that I should be able to know. He wanted to keep it to himself so he wasn't put under anymore pressure. But in the end he told me. Finally after months he had a goal. The day before leaving for our vacation last month. May 28th. He went and passed and was beyond proud of himself. We left for vacation the day after. I cant even tell you how many times he'd explain something to me while on the airplane. We had to stay in the air for about an hour because our destination city had a thunder storm. Well, Brian decided to tell me why this was and the concept of how we are able to stay in the air. Ask me what he said...I couldnt tell you!

This was the day he got his license

He's now working on the next step! So stay tuned :)


Katherine Newsom said...

What's his next step toward being a pilot? So exciting :)

Lisa { Showered With Design } said...

This is great! What a nice story!
My fiance always wanted to be a pilot as well, but $ was the only issue
Showered With Design

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