Saturday, June 29, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader. 4 ways to connect with me

So, I'm biting the bullet and doing a post just like everyone else about Google Reader shutting down on Monday. I personally don't use Google Reader. I just use the blogger dashboard which also means I use Google Friend Connect. I don't believe Google friend connect is shutting down also, as I've heard confusion that from many. But I'll guess we'll see!

I'd really hate to love all your wonderful readers, so here are the ways you can connect with me:


Instagram: krissygirl13

Twitter: happinessblog3

Friday, June 28, 2013

Ready, set....ask me anything!

Oh weekend, I'm so glad you're here for once! Normally the weekend isnt as exciting for me as it is for most of you because thats our time to relax. We usually dont do much so sometimes its boring. During the week my mom is home the majority of the time so we go different places. This week though...oh its been killer. We've barely done anything. Why you ask? The weather has been nuts. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday it was almost 100 degrees. Then on Wednesday it started raining and has continued to rain and probably will contine through the weekend. Blah! The pool isnt ready because of the rain. It's all gross and wont clear. And the grass needs to be cut. Poor Bailey has to hop just to walk through it!

So because nothing fun happened this week, I have nothing to report. So, I've decided to turn the floor to all of you. I've realized as I went through all my old posts the other day that I've never actually let you get to know "me". You know what I do every week but not much about myself. Granted I'm a pretty simple girl. 

Now it's your turn...ask me anything. Anything at all. I personally love getting to know others especially when you're only able to chat through words....Ready, set, ask! :)

And because this post would be boring without pictures or anything...I'm praying for some summertime finally!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Taste of Tuesday Sweet and Sour Meatballs

As you may have read many times on my blog, my mom is a nurse and works second shift. 3pm-11pm. She only works 3 days a week so she's usually here to cook and eat dinner with us. But on the days she's not here, what do we do? My dad doesn't get home until about 5:30 or later, so he's tired and doesn't want to spend an hour making dinner. Then there's me and Brian. Neither of us having cooking skills and I don't dare read from a recipe...I'd probably burn the house down! So, needless to say it's either fast food, going out or my mom cooking something before she leaves. Today we're doing just that. It's 95 degrees, so we don't want the oven on and its took hot to cook on the grill. We decided on something extremely easy. I like easy :) 

As you also know, I'm picky. So when I got introduced to this dish, I wasn't sure. But now I love it. Bottom line of that? If I love it, you will too! 

Crappy picture but its out of the cook book :)

*First we have to make the meatballs. You need a skillet for whole recipe. We cook the meatballs in the skillet also

Ingredients for meatballs:
  • 1 pound hamburger
  • 1/2 cup dry bread crumbs
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 2 tablespoons finely chopped onion
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 egg

Direction for Meatballs:
  • Mix the ingredients with hands, shape into about twenty 1 1/2 inch balls. 
  • Cover over medium heat in a skillet for about 20 minutes
  • After meatballs are cooked, take them out of the skillet and remove the fat

*With the meatballs set aside, we need to mix the other ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 1 can (13 1/4) pineapple chunks
  • 1/3 cup vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 small green pepper, coarsely chopped

  • Mix brown sugar and cornstarch in skillet
  • Stir in pineapple (with syrup), vinegar and soy-sauce
  • Heat to boiling, stirring constantly; reduce heat.
  • Add meatballs. Cover; simmer, stirring occasionally. 10 minutes.
  • Stir in green pepper. Cover; simmer until crisp-tender. 5 minutes
  • We usually make noodles to go with it!
  • Enjoy!

Monday, June 24, 2013

What our dogs are trying to say

Happy Monday all!! I hope all your weekends were filled with fun! We had my cousins grad party Saturday but other than that it was pure relaxation!! It was 93 yesterday and right now the temperature reader says 96. Thank goodness for central ac!! Because our weekend didn't consist of much I'm mixing it up today....

For those who have hung around my blog for awhile, you know Brian and I have a dog named Bailey

All my life I've grew up around dogs. My dad's three siblings and their families had dogs and dad's parents did too. Two of my mom's siblings had dogs also. So needless to say, I've been in favor of dogs. I never had my own though, until my grandparents died. Because I was closest to their dog and the fact that everyone else had dogs, they promised me I could take her when they died. We had her for a little over 2 years. She was wonderful. The thing is, I don't remember alot of my time with her since I was 10-12 years old. We had a special bond though. After her I never thought I'd have another dog. My parents are both allergic. Then Brian came along...and brought Bailey with him! And my parents and I fell in love instantly. I honestly don't know what I'd do without Bailey in my life. 

Bailey is such a sweetheart and it takes ALOT to make him mad. Like most of your dogs, Bailey loves to cuddle, play, sleep, eat, and cause some trouble. I've grown to be able to tell when he's sad and wants attention or when he's hungry and such. But what about those times when he just stands there? Or when he sleeps for 90% of the day which is not like him? Or when he cries for no apparent reason? Like every dog owner, we sometimes wonder "what is the dog thinking?" "what would they tell us if they could talk?" At least I think these things. We always say that would we love to be Bailey just for a day.  

So today, I want to give a shout out to all our puppies and try to imagine what they are thinking. I found all of these on Facebook but thought they fit, Bailey at least, to a T.

Friday, June 21, 2013

H54F and feeling good!

Is it really Friday? The week went by so fast and so I'm sure this weekend will too...blah!

Lets move on to pictures!

Brian's birthday was last Saturday. We invited my grandmother over Monday for lunch and to have a cake!

We had some yummy drinks and I made some taco dip Monday night. You can find the recipe for the taco dip here

I'm loving this new hair product! It takes awhile to fully work and to see the difference but its great. My hair feels alot better after using this. You can put some in your hair when its towel dried or when you havent washed your hair. I choose to use it when I come out of the shower. I can brush my hair so easily!

We walked around the beautiful new outlets not far from us!

My mom, her siblings, my grandmother and I received this email yesterday. Brian is my cousin. This email is from my aunt (aka, his mom). Apparently my aunt and uncle only found out about this on Wednesday night. Brian and Krista got engaged in March. Its a big shock to all of us. For the last month few months we have all been thinking the wedding will be next year. While its great for them we are dont really know what to say. 

Have a great weekend!

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday link up!

Hello, everyone!

We are working all summer long to bring you some exciting link ups on one of your favorite topics-weddings! Kristen and I both have wonderful men in our lives (Kristen is engaged!) and enjoy talking about weddings together.  We thought we would join you in on the fun!

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Today's topic: Breaking tradition!

Kristen's Tradition Breaking:

When the word "wedding" is mentioned in my family, you best believe that its like a huge deal. The first word that comes to all our minds is "party". Now we aren't the type to do anything stupid but we like to mix things up. We've danced the moon walk with mickey mouse gloves, we've done hand stands, somersaults, grinding and made speeches that probably aren't the most appropriate. And most of all, we've made the ceremony and reception halls looks beautiful. It's always been a day of magic, for everyone that's gotten married in my family. It's not just a day for the bride and groom, its a day for friends and family to celebrate with them. I had never been one for planning my wedding when I was a youngster or even in my early teenage years. It was nice to think about but I was young and wasn't really thinking about that stuff. The minute I got engaged, I was all over it. I basically had the whole wedding planned out in a few days. It just came to me

We aren't having a big wedding and I don't need it over the top. I want to keep it beautiful and have as much fun as every other wedding. My cousins and I have the same style so everything will be mostly the same. Except a few things. I'm talking about things that you don't see at many weddings. My parents like the tradition type of wedding which is fine but I'm adding a few extras.

There are two things about the ceremony that wont be as traditional.

I want comfortable shoes. I don't mind heels but feel that being in pain and having to walk around for awhile in them defeats the purpose of enjoying everything. I don't know about you but my feet hurt just an hour into wearing them! I want to focus on my wedding instead of how to cure my painful foot. I'd love to have wedges with crystals or sparkles on the strap part

Nowhere near as high and a different style of course but on this idea. 

A few of my cousins who have gotten married have had a little table at the side of the alter that had a little set up with the names of people we've lost. One cousin did our grandparents who both died within the year before she got married. Their names were mentioned and a little poem was read. It was special to have them with us in spirit

As for the reception

Instead of having a guest book, I'd love a picture of us with a black frame around it so people can sign around the picture. 

My fiance and i have big sweet tooth's. I would love to have a chocolate fountain

and a candy station for deserts

Maybe not as extravagant!

I'd also love to have a slide show with music. Pictures of Brian and I and our families and friends through the years we've been together. I'm thinking two songs. One being "This" by Darius Rucker and I haven't thought of another.

I know that almost every couple chooses a different song than "Daddy's little girl" for the father/daughter dance but still, that song is the traditional one which counts. I"m thinking this..

Most likely at the end of the night we wont do the traditional sending off of the bride and groom. We'll spend as much time with everyone as possible. Although it will be in winter, I'd love to have a convertible. We like getting in the car, turning on country music and just driving. Thats our time together so I want to continue that.. 


Rachael's Tradition Breaking:

1. I know that I don't want a limo.
I think it would be so fun to make memories in the car you will be using every day!
Wouldn't it be fun to be in the driver's or passenger seat and know that you once sat there in
your wedding gown with your groom?!  It seems so surreal to me!

2. I do want to keep the garter tradition. 
I know it's a little kinky, but I want my husband to take off my garter and throw it to the bridal party!
I would also love for him to do the garter dance, but I am not sure that he will be very compliant with that plan. 

However, breaking tradition: I don't know if I want to throw my wedding bouquet. I think I want it!

3.  I want to write my own vows! I know this is becoming much more popular. 
I also know that after I write my own vows, I want to read the traditional vows too!

4. I think I want a receiving line! 
This is technically proper etiquette, but no one does this!

5. Breaking Tradition: 
Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue?
I think this is the stupidest tradition. 
I am not trying to offend anyone in any way!
It's just not for me.

6. I am also considering wearing a pastel colored shoe instead of white!
I think that would be fun!

We would love to hear your wedding traditions and untraditional-traditions! :)

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baby Bottle Ban

I was kind of in the dark about what to post today. I had a bunch of ideas but hadnt wrote any. I know, bad blogger award! Then it came to me. One of my mommy friends posted this on Facebook. While I'm not a mom, alot of you are/will be and I thought it would be good to share it. The article was published in a local New Hampshire paper. Obviously its just an article but I thought it might be good for all you mommy's! All this info comes from the new paper, none is my own!

Venezuela weighs baby bottle ban
Proposed revisions to law include plans to penalize those who advertise formula

(CNN) —Venezuelan lawmakers are weighing whether to ban the use of baby bottles as part of a push to promote breast-feeding, state media reported.

The proposed measure will be up for debate in the South American country's National Assembly on Tuesday, lawmaker Odalis Monzon said in an interview with state-run VTV.

"Every baby has the right to breast-feeding," said Monzon, a lawmaker from the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

In addition to banning bottle-feeding, the proposed revisions to Venezuela's Law of Promotion and Protection of Breastfeeding also include plans to penalize those who advertise baby formula, she said.

Transnational companies that market formula, she said, have interfered with a crucial bond between mother and child.

"The most important is the love, the connection between mother and child, that sometimes is lost because they do not give them the warmth that nursing a baby provides," Monzon told VTV.

The proposal includes exceptions for mothers who cannot breast-feed due to illness, Monzon said. It would also provide for the creation of more breast-milk banks and require companies to set aside space for mothers to nurse.

She did not provide details about how authorities would enforce the measure if it passes, or what sorts of punishments violators would face.

The measure has drawn sharp criticism from some lawmakers, who argue that the government can promote breast-feeding without prohibiting anything, CNN affiliate Globovision reported.

"This is unacceptable and alarming," said Eduardo Marin, a lawmaker for the opposition Justice First party.

The 2007 law that Monzon is pushing to amend was aimed at promoting breast-feeding, Marin said, not "questioning, stigmatizing and practically criminalizing those who have opted for (other methods) of feeding."

Earlier this month, Venezuela's Health Ministry said that 27.1 percent of mothers in the country who are able to breast-feed actually do so and that officials aimed to increase that number to 70 percent by 2019, VTV reported.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Crabbies Recipe- A family favorite!

I dont know about you but when my family gets together for parties, we all usually bring a different dish. Usually we have one main thing (such as cooked ham, beans or maybe meatballs) and maybe a chowder. The rest of the food are appetizers/munchies things. We figure that since we'll be eating all day anyway, why do we need a big main course. Today's recipe is a family favorite. This food is actually fought over at family parties. You have to be on your toes when they are served, otherwise you're missing them and then have to beg for my mom to make more. Who knew a food could cause unhappy people? My mom is the maker of these. Sometimes she gets calls from my cousins weeks in advance to request this food.  It's a perfect appetizer though! Different than your normal veggies and fruit or chips or something. 

This is the only picture on the internet I could find that looks normal and most like it. The shape is the same but the top where the cheese is is different than how the recipe I'm posting is. Trust me, its going to be good!!!

1 can crabmeat (drained)
8 oz cheese whiz
4 generous tsps Miracle Whip
¼ lb butter softened
 ¼ tsp seasoned salt and pepper
2-3 dashes garlic powder

 1 package English Muffins

  • Blend all ingredients together.
  •  Split the English Muffins in half and spread mixture over each half
  • Cut each half into quarters. 
  • Bake at 350 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes or until cheese begins to bubble.  
  • Enjoy!!

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Update

Why hello friends!! I hope you all had a fun relaxing weekend/day with your father's or hubbys. We actually did some fun stuff this weekend so I'm excited to share today.

Friday was busy. My mom and I got some last minute gifts for my dad. Can I just say it's so hard to pick out a father's day gift! Especially since my dad likes to come home with some type of goodie or contraption whenever he goes shopping. In the afternoon we took Brian on a mystery ride for his birthday. We took him to Walmart go choose a fishing pole. He loves that we have a lake available to us whenever so he can go fishing! Perks of having a jet ski I guess! After that we got some frozen yogurt. Oh they have the best flavors!! Brian had to work at 5 so my parents and I got take out for dinner then walked on over to the high school I went to (the school is literally two streets away). They were putting on a Relay for Life. It's a fundraiser for cancer. Basically you put a team together and have to walk around the track all night long. You obviously switch off but someone has to be on the track at all times. There were a good chunk of people. They had food, music and games. One game was called "Words with relay friends" Cheesy but it sounded fun :) We didnt participate in the walking. We did buy luminaries though. You decorate each bag, put a candle in it and place them somewhere on the rim of the track. At 9pm, they lit all the candles and had a ceremony. It was wonderful

Photo by krissygirl13

Photo by krissygirl13

The two on the right are my dad's parents and the one on the left is a cousin who we just lost back in August 2012 to breast cancer. It was a great night for a great cause!

Saturday was Brian's birthday. He turned 25. He spent the morning with his father. Brian took him up in the plane and flew him around a little. When they came back, I joined them for lunch at the airport cafe.

Photo by krissygirl13

That afternoon my mom had to work so we just spent time in the yard. My dad was planning on doing yard work and usually after he does, he likes to sit in a lawn chair for awhile and relax. It just so happens my mom and I bought him a new awesome chair for father's day. We decided to give it to him a day early.

Bailey seemed to think it was his. It has a pillow for your head and a cover that flips over so the top part of you is covered. It seems to recline far back also. My dad took it all in for a good hour! The rest of the night was spent relaxing. One of the movie theaters near our house was having a Bruins night. They were going to show the game on one of the big screens for free. Its one of the theaters where there's a whole restaurant menu and they come to your table and such. so good!

Sunday my dad, mom and I went to brunch. Brian had to work unfortunately! It's always so so good. Big buffet. The whole eating healthy idea was lost for the day. I took pictures of what I ate just to tease Brian. I promise I dont just sit at a restaurant and take pictures of food all the time lol

That was a good mimosa!

I had salad before this but these two things were the only things for my main entree. Thats what happens when you have sensitive taste buds I guess. I know I'm boring :)

This was just my speed. Chocolate chip cookies with I think raspberries and a peanut butter/chocolate cake thing

Besides the chair we also got him a certificate for a 50 minute massage and a Subway giftcard! He treated himself to a nap in the afternoon. 

We had a good family weekend and I hope you all did too!!

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Letters to a graduate

Woo hoo, it's Friday!! It's also FINALLY beautiful out after a week of rain.

Today I'm linking up for Feeling Good Friday with Beth and Amy

Today's post will be a little deeper than usual.

Dear Danielle,

I dont even know where to begin. It's been 5 days since you graduated and I'm still in shock. I'm getting ahead of myself though. Lets go back.

Here you are as a tiny bundle of joy not long after you were born. For 5 whole years I was the baby in the family. Melissa (the girl on the left) was the one that I could look up to being that she was only a year and a half older. She was my role model and the one who I connected the most with. I thought to myself that it would be great to have someone who looked up to me, relied on me to teach them things and knew I would be there for them. Not having brothers or sisters, I figured having a younger cousin would be good enough. Then you came along and I was thrilled. I can picture the day you were born. Holding you on the couch is something I will never forget. it was a "wow" moment. Here's a little girl. A girl who I get to grow up with and see all her experiences and what she becomes. Life went on. We became close. You were a trouble maker. You loved being the center of attention, stealing all my stuff and you always tried to do exactly what I was doing. And when you couldnt, well, the world ended. We faught. Alot. Probably not the best role model but hey we were kids. We had some fun times too. I can think of countless memories that I wouldnt of wanted to share with anyone but you. We went to the lake, we played on your trampoline, in your pool and spent endless hours rolling down the big hill in your backyard. We got sung to sleep by Memere and Pepere (grandparents). We played dress up and house. We'd have sleepovers. Oh the memories. It seemed like we were always together. You started to grow up. I can remember going to your kindergarten class and having cookies and getting to meet all your friends. Then you went into elementary school. Oh boy. Your personality showed. Big time! You started to become someone. You were bossy, demanded when you wanted something, wouldnt quit when you set your mind to something. Despite that and the fact that I kind of disliked you (lol) for awhile, you also had good qualities. Those I cant begin to list because there are just too many things. I loved the fact that so many activities you did, I did when I was that age. It was nice to go to your dance recitals and get to see you experience what I had not long before. Then you went to junior high. this is where you shined. We became friends. I'll never forget how you would call me almost every day after school. Honestly my favorite part of the day. It was even nicer not knowing when you'd call. I enjoyed sharing how our days were, what went wrong, what we hoped to do that weekend and just anything we could think of. It was like having a sister. We became even closer in 2009. Finally it was the year you were going into high school. I couldnt believe it. I sat you down that summer and told you many things. Things that would be great and things that you probably wouldn't enjoy. I shared stories of my high schools years too. I also said one important thing. Probably the most important. Enjoy it. Take in every single minute and every single experience. Have fun. Make so many friends. Take risks. These next 4 years will go by so so fast. Freshman year started. Not too bad, right? Sophomore year came. You probably thought to yourself "what was she thinking?" and "this is going by way too slow". You strived. You studied til your eyes fell asleep on the paper. Your homework wasnt finished until it was perfect. You dedicated every ounce of yourself to school. I was proud. I was happy when you called for help with math. I was happy when you got an A on a hard test. I was proud when you participated in some after school thing. I loved getting to relive high school through your eyes and mind. You made alot of good friends. While I love this, I'll admit, I missed you. Granted I could see you whenever since we are family, I felt left behind sometimes. You know what? Thats ok. Why you ask? Because it meant you were finding yourself. You were finding your click of friends and what your personality would be like. Junior year came. this was probably my favorite year. Brian and I started coming over every Friday night and we'd take you and D.J. to dinner. Chili's to be exact. We'd laugh, complain about a waiter, talk about everything that  had been going on and just have time. Time to relax and spend special moments together. We looked forward to Friday's for a long time. Best part of our week. You started looking at colleges and doing everything to get ready for senior year. I cringed. It was really happening. September came. finally, senior year. You worked even harder to the point you barely got sleep most nights. You broke a couple times. But you were ok. You worked through it with a little help. I stood there while you clicked "submit" for an application. I celebrated when you got accepted to your college of choice. It was a whole different experience. A fun one. 

The day finally came. I've been excited for months.

You stood by my side 5 years ago as I celebrated my graduation and the new road ahead of me and on this day I got to do the same for you. I didn't cry. Yay me! As I sat there listening to your principle talk about you all, I couldn't help but picture the last 18 years. Everything you have accomplished, everything you have failed, everything you have learned. The list is never ending. You've shown how strong you are, you've shown your weaknesses, you've pushed your own limits, and you've embarced the things that have come easy. You're going off to college now. This time its differently a whole new world. A world that can go anywhere and can show you who you are. A world that will shine millions of opportunities for you and a world that will help determine your future. 

Over the past 18 years we've been not only cousins but the best of friends. We've laughed, we've cried, we've been silly, we've shared some serious times, we've faught and we've experienced so many little moments together. You're my cousin, a friend and a godsister and I couldn't feel more thankful for that. I'm so proud of the person you are and the person you will become!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wedding Wednesday link up!!

Hello, loves!

I told you wonderful things were to come with my newest Spotlight Sponsor Kristen from Happiness is a Mood, Not a Destination! 

We are working all summer long to bring you some exciting link ups on one of your favorite topics-weddings! Kristen and I both have wonderful men in our lives (Kristen is engaged!) and enjoy talking about weddings together.  We thought we would join you in on the fun!

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Today's topic is flowers.  
Honestly I myself am absolutely terrible with flower names. I only know tulips and daffodils, and it is pretty pathetic.  I guess I had to learn someday! 
I know that one of the best ways to save money on wedding flowers is to buy ones that are in season. 
Below I have provided two charts I thought were pretty helpful. 
Granted, I didn't know what any of the flowers were, but that is what Google is for :)

I know that colored flowers are beautiful, especially when mixed in with white. 
The contrast is amazing. 
However, I think white bouquets can be just as stunning. 
I discovered the gardenias, and I thought these were stunning. 

Beautiful gardenia

Beautiful gardenia bouquet (I plan on aquamarine as my color, and I think an all white 
bouquet would love beautiful as a bouquet against the blue sheen of the dress).  

Of course, a beautiful dyed flower is just as lovely. 

Blue Poppy

Blue Dahlia

Here are some wonderful bouquets I could probably never afford but which definitely inspire me.  

Granted, all of these "in season" flowers can still be pretty expensive. 
I would never underestimate the beauty of a simple carnation bouquet. 

And now for Kristen's favorite flowers!

Like every girl, I started dreaming of my wedding day the minute after getting engaged. It's every girls dream to put together details of the one day in her life when she can feel like a princess. For my wedding, there's no doubt it will be simple. Sure, it'll be a blast and probably a little crazy but the details, the details will be simple. It'll also be small. Under 100 people. 

The minute all these little things started rolling around in my head I kind of got all mixed up. Planning a wedding isnt always an easy task, no matter how good at it you are! Three things were for certain: it'll be in February, the colors will be wintery such as browns blues whites and a little pink and I want the atmosphere to be warm and inviting. As I kept thinking of more little ideas, I realized something: there's no better way to have the atmosphere I want than with flowers. While the color scheme has come first, some brides base everything else off of flowers which I think is also great!!

Flowers are my favorite! They are so bright and happy and give a good feeling. Here are a few ideas of flowers I love and would want at my wedding

For myself:

I really love roses. They have always been a favorite just because of how elegant they look. I'm leaning towards white/light pink because I want them to sparkle. To feel like the Cinderella theme. I found these online and fell in love!

Typically a bride will have her flowers in the "circular" fashion but I'm thinking something like this:

A heart has always been a symbol for my fiance and myself and it would be a special, unique way to present them.

I'm also all about the sparkle!! I love how the light shines perfectly on a crystal and it just shines. I would love a touch of that with my flowers. Something similar to the flower below

There are so many people in our lives that we would give anything to have them at our wedding. I  have seen it done a few times but would love to have little ribbons tied to my flowers with the names of people close to my heart.


For my bridesmaids I think I would want them to have roses also but maybe a smaller or similar version of one of them

I cant forget about the fun stuff!! I love color, like love it. So vibrant and happy. Thats what a wedding day is supposed to be! I like flowers that make everyone feel good.

You cant forget about the center pieces at the reception!! I'd love something like this. We flowers added of course!

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