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Hey Everyone :)

Welcome to Happiness Is a Mood Not a Destination! I'm Kristen (aka "KrissyGirl"...darn you ex-boyfriend for giving me a nickname that stuck!) and I'm so excited to meet  you!

I'm kind of obsessed with my wonderful fiance Brian

We started dating in 2009 and got engaged in 2010 :)

We have the cutest puppy named Bailey.  You can see his introduction post here

A little about me:
I'm a college girl
Brian and I live with my parents
I come from what is considered a city but isn't as intense. On one side of this "city" is downtown and the city type and on the other side is pure country. I like the country side better
I'm a country girl all the way and absolutely love country music
I've lived in the same house all my life
I'm an only child but have the most amazing cousins who I'm extremely close to
I come from a very big family
I love to write and craft
I'm a reality TV junky
I'm an aunt and godmother to the most precious little girl
I love to make new friends! :)

A little about Brian:
He's two years older than me
He comes from a BIG city (emphasis on "big".)
He has an older sister (hence where the niece comes from)
He works at Petsmart
He LOVES hockey...especially the Bruins 
He loves video games
He's sweet, funny (sometimes!), and caring
He's become a private pilot

That's just a piece of each of us! Check back for more detailed posts on who we each are. 

Feel free to look around and leave a comment or two. I love making new friends!


Jessica Knoetzel said...

Love your blog! I'm your newest follower from Jessie Jo At Home :) You can grab my button here: http://jessiejoathome.blogspot.com/ Look Forward to reading your posts!

Katherine Newsom said...

Where do yall live? From that comment it sounded like you live in socal... Also love your blog:)

Gina said...

I live in a city that's big but small too! And it's also seemingly part downtown, part country..we also have some ghetto sections and some reeeeally ritzy!

And I love country music too! Yay :) it's so nice to meet you!!

KrissyGirl said...

Haha, sounds like the same place just in a different state!! We actually never touch downtown. Maybe like once a month or so but thats it. We have to take highways to get everywhere so its nice not having billions of cars in one place

Country music...yes!!! Whose your favorite? I'm so excited to chat more!

Jessica @ The Wondering Brain said...

I kinda live in a city/country too. I'm in San Antonio, TX and I agree, I think I like the country part. It's totally different from where I used to live, Las Vegas, NV! Stop by and blog hop with us. The party is happening all weekend long :)

The Wondering Brain

Kelly said...

Hi Krissy,
Stopping by via the Weekend Wander blog hop. I'm a New England girl too. :-) And I also have the most precious niece and god daughter. <3 Hope to stop by again soon.


This Is My Journey said...

Hey I'm from 2014 Blogger Challenege. Seems we aren't far form each other, NYer here. This is my blog...

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