Sunday, February 24, 2013

The one thing we cant live without

Sunday Funday! Hope you've all enjoyed your weekend. For us, it's been laid back. My mom has been working so we haven't done alot. 

I'm actually really excited for this post because, as promised, you get to meet our adorable little puppy! I posted a few pictures of him here, but here comes the fun stuff!

So, this is Bailey
A little about him:
  • He's technically Brian's dog. Brian got him back in 2008 before we started dating
  • Brian works at petsmart and got him from one of his coworkers
  • He'll be 6 on March 10 (birthday party maybe :))
  • He's a Chihuahua/rat terrier (he really does act like a rat!)
  • He call him a skunk, cow and pig.
  • He weights about 8.5 which is what these type should way. Brian's grandmother got a little crazy one month (before we started dating) and feed him so much he weighted 20 pounds

His personality:
  • He sometimes acts like he's still 2 years old
  • He's very cuddly and LOVES to cuddle with my mom ALL the time. At night while we're watching tv he'll cuddle with her for 3 hours straight!
  • While he's cuddling, he LOVES to sleep under blankets. Even when he's not with anyone, he will jump on the couch and pull the blanket down with his teeth and make his way under. My parents gave me and Brian each a snuggie three years ago and now Brian's snuggie is Bailey. Such a spoiled dog!
  • He loves to play/flight with Brian and doesn't have a problem being mean!
  • When he gets hyper he's runs through the house and does circles around the dining room table (see future post for accident)
  • His favorite thing in the world is food. I know every pet parent says this but for him its true. We go through treats so fast. Luckily he runs in the backyard to keep the weight off
  • He loves car rides and is always the first at the door even if he cant come
  • He likes walks except in the winter. He gets cold in .2 seconds, in lie!
  • Even if you say something that doesn't have the word "treat" or "food" in the sentence he assumes that's what you mean
  • He knows how to spell. 
  • My favorite is that sometimes he gets SO overly excited that he bumps his head on things. We say that he's lost another brain cell doing that
  • Lastly, he dislikes other dogs. he likes my aunts two dogs and Brian's father's dog but that's basically it. When we go on walks he growls at almost everyone, I feel so bad for the owners! Last year we brought him to training class at Petsmart so he could be around other dogs. there were days he was OK but other days he'd have to "have a time out" and walk around the store with Brian. We have a joke with our friend, who was his trainer, that when he's mean he gets "two minutes for roughing" Stupid hockey reference!

He really is a lovable dog though! :)

And now for picture overload....

We love petsmart! Especially when they give Bailey a bath :)

He loves toys and to take out all the cotton!

He's way too obsessed with food!

Cutest face!

he loves to eat it...

he'll stand on the pool deck but hates water..

he loves to roll on his back!

We love our little guy!

Oh he's such a cutie!!! I have hundreds of pictures and am sure to be posting alot more soon but for now just wanted to give you a glimpse into the life of the puppy we cant live without!

On Tuesday I will be posting more about this little one, so stay tuned!

Krissy Girl


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