Friday, February 15, 2013

4 years

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day!! In our house it's not the biggest deal. It's a nice day to give extra love to your loved ones but that can happen any day! Of course, my dad always gets my mom and I each a box of some chocolate. This year he went all out and picked specific chocolate for each of us at this candy store in the town where he stays for work...apparently, it's the biggest candy store and I still have yet to go!. So yummy! It is a big deal for my parents though, because it's also their anniversary. We had a nice night watching TV  and pigging out on junk food (the recipe will come in a few days :))

For my fiance, Brian, and I, as a couple, its pretty much just another day. We still welcome the idea of it and love each other a little more but our anniversary is the day after, today!, so we wait for that. My valentines gift from him was ice cream from Cold Stone! 

We usually go away for the weekend of our anniversary but we didnt last year and we arent this year. It's actually kind of funny because now that we've been together for this long, the day just comes naturally. We arent big fancy type people that go all out but he got me flowers :), and we'll be going to dinner at our FAVORITE restaurant  Texas Road House! I have to say this place is wonderful and if you have one near you, GO!

This day is special for two reasons. We started dating on this day 4 years ago and got engaged on this day 3 years ago...the number 15 is Brian's lucky number too...go figure :) He's trying to convince me to have our wedding on this day too but I'm not sold yet! Anyway, I thought I'd share the story of how we got engaged. But first: Number 1) I HATE being center of attention and Number 2) we're just kind of weird :) 

We had been talking about this for awhile...after just a few months dating. During the summer we went to our favorite jewelry store and looked at rings...we had the BEST associate helping us. We found a few and that was that. Maybe two months later we were discussing something and because we both are terrible at lying, he told me he had got it (it was still at the store) but I'd have to wait. Maybe a month or two before Christmas we were at, of course, Texas Road House, and talking about when I thought he'd ask me. We went back and forth for awhile and by the end I had an idea but didnt say anything

On to the weekend we got engaged. We went up on Valentines Day and stayed at our favorite hotel for the next two nights. The first night we were there, we went to dinner. While getting ready Brian kept acting weird. He put on his coat like 20 minutes in advance and wouldnt budge from it. It just so happens that my aunt, uncle and cousins were staying at a hotel about 20 minutes away that night. We decided after dinner to go visit them. We got there and decided to go swimming. Well, Brian had to make sure that his coat was tucked away safe. My cousins and he stood around the coat closet for like 5 minutes and were just talking...that was a BIG hint! As we're leaving Brian was so concerned that the door was locked. The night went on and then we left. 

The next night, we planned to go to another favorite restaurant (the same one we went to here on our first date). He had made a reservation for 8 pm (which was another hint because I didnt think you could do that). He was once again obsessed with his jacket. While getting ready, Brian says that he has to go make a call downstairs in the, cant you make it here? He kept saying no, so I let him go...with his coat on too! We got into the car to go and he "had" to call to make sure the table would still be ready for us. So weird! At this point I had a hunch but didn't show it. We get there ad the manger brings us over to our "special table". We sit and these are there

They were so nice :) As we sit the manager whispers "Congratulations" to giveaway. We order our food and it gets brought to us. In between it was just an awkward feeling vibe. We get our food and start eating. Brian's acting funny but I didn't say anything. We weren't even half way done and the waiter comes over and says that his manager has made us a nice cheesecake for dessert. My response when he leaves? "I don't even like cheesecake!" I was NOT happy. Because of this, Brian had no choice and proceeds to ask (while I'm in the middle of eating a chicken finger...yea, we aren't fancy as I said before). It was really nice! For the rest of the dinner Brian sat there relieved, not because it was over but because they almost blew it.The second best part of the night was when the manger came over after we were done and said that he was covering the bill, it was SO nice of him!! :) The rest of the night was spent calling our families, who already knew. Facebook was blowing up too :) (ask to add me!) It was just a nice and special time for us. 

So there you have it, the story that everyone still laughs about. The reason being is that it's totally me and it was played out so naturally on my part! We're hoping to get married in 2015 when I finish my associate degree. But stay tuned for all that juicy stuff later! 

And as for the cheesecake, yea that didn't happen...I got my favorite chocolate dessert instead!

Have a wonderful night!

Krissy Girl


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