Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Book or Movie?

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's been another very cold day. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal but lately it's been so cold that we've stayed cozy indoors and haven't really gone anywhere. This weekend we got more snow too. 

Today, we did something that we haven't done in ages. Go to the movies. I cant even remember the last time i saw a movie. It was fun to do that again because although it's nice to sit in the comfort of your own home watching something, that feeling of having to sit in semi uncomfortable seats with others around you and getting snacks is nice. The prices in tickets and food has gone up so much too...shows you just how long it's been since I've stepped foot in a movie theater  We each paid 9 dollars to get in..crazy! I will say though it's surprising because this movie theater is just our typical one. We have another one called Chuncky's. Chuncky's is awesome! When you first walk in they have arcade games for kids. When you actually get into the theater they have long tables with leather, recliner chairs (SO comfy!) Instead of getting your food at the stand, they actually have a full fledged menu with tons of options. Some people don't prefer that style and want the normal original theaters but honestly, if you haven't tried Chuncky's at least once, you have truly experienced a movie theater. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that the theater we went to cost 9 dollars and (unless they upped their prices too) Chuncky's costs 7:50. It's interesting to see how prices have changed over the years!

enough about prices though. We ended up seeing 

Has anyone seen it yet or read the book???

My mom, grandmother and I went to see it. First off, my mom and I don't go to the movies. My dad and Brian don't either to be honest. Netflix and On Demand all the way :) The last time we went was a few years ago to see Mama Mia. We brought my grandmother along too! My mom and i only went to see this because my grandmother has been obsessed with it since she learned when it was airing. A little background is that every year, for her birthday, for as long as I can remember, I've given her the new Nicholas Sparks book that comes out around the same time.  Second off, while my mom is into this type of movie/book, I'm more a true chick flick. This was a good movie but had a little suspense throw in. 

Everyone always says the movie isn't as good as the book and I have to say that although I haven't read the book, my mom, grandmother and many other people I know have and from what they have said the movie is nowhere close. It's hard to give my opinion when I haven't read the book but the movie seemed a little dull. Without giving anything away, I feel that the biggest part of the movie should have been talked about a little more. I also feel like it was too all over the place. I had a class back in the Fall where we actually talked about Books vs Movie. A few of the points that were made were that 1) the book always comes first. Does anyone know of any movies that came before their book? 2) They have to cut so much out because a movie only last an hour or two. This is what I think is difficult because they have to capture things that may not be as big a deal and leave out important parts. After watching Safe Haven my grandmother did mention that she enjoyed being able to put face to name. She's the type of person, like many of us, that like to picture characters to get the true picture. There were a few parts, she said, in the book that were confusing but once watching the movie she figured it out. 

Anyway, I don't want to say anymore for those that haven't seen it or read the book yet. Although it's not really my type of movie, I would say to go see it because it was good. 

Two more days until the weekend :)

Krissy Girl


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