Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Birthday

Ah, finally its the weekend! Of course, my weekend starts at 2:40 on Thursdays but still, there's something about waking on Saturday knowing you have the next two days off.

Today, we did something fun. My aunt has two dogs, one not even a year and the other turns 11 today. We had a birthday party for the 11 year old. Dont ask me why because there's no real reason. My aunt just called and invited us because she can. Part of it might be because he's getting older. I didnt get a picture of it, but my aunt made an invitation and mailed it to us...yes, we're weird! :) 

It wasnt anything big. My mom, Brian, my grandmother and myself we the only ones that went over. My aunt had made cupcakes for the dogs. Her two dogs ate them so nicely and enjoyed them. Our dog on the other hand, he tried to stuff the whole thing in his mouth....that didnt work too well! She also had made an oreo cake for the humans which was delish! My mom got the birthday boy a big bone that said "happy birthday", along with a gift card to Dairy Queen. Despite it not being good, thats one of the dogs' snacks after a walk! The rest of the time we played outside. The three dogs had so much fun running in the snow! Here are a few pictures..

(The top photo is the card my mom made 
The send is my aunt opening the birthday boys gifts

(this is the birthday boys brother!
(This little guy was waiting so nicely for a cupcake!

This is the Birthday boy!

Arent they so cute!? We had a fun time especially outside get snowy chasing the dogs. The next birthday is our little ones in March. I'm not sure we'll have a party but I will be buying cupcakes for us humans. The birthday boy will get extra treats that day! :)

Have a great and relaxing weekend!

Krissy Girl :)


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