Monday, February 11, 2013

Finding Nemo

Good morning to you all! Is the title of this post making you think a little? I sure hope so :) I was going to make my first post a little more geared towards about me type stuff (see my about me section!) but after the eventful weekend we've experienced here in New England, I figured that would be more enjoyable!! 

So, Finding nemo....

While I do like the movie thanks to all my wonderful little cousins this is a different type of nemo....a blizzard! Yup, a day and a half long blizzard. It started on Friday afternoon and got done yesterday morning. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal but we haven't had a storm like this in awhile. Sure we've had this much or more feet in a winter but that wasn't at one time. It was a crazy storm!

Luckily we didn't lose power (feeling bad for those that did!) but the wind was crazy. Back in October of 2011 we had a snow storm that brought heavy wet snow which made trees, power lines and everything in between come down. This time around, it was a light type snow...just alot of it. We went out to shovel around 10:30 pm on Friday and the snow was above my ankles! The problem that we faced was the wind. It was so windy during the whole storm that it would just blow the snow everywhere. You'd shovel a spot and throw it to the side and the wind would just pick it up and throw it back in your face....that waqs cold, especially when the wind came out of nowhere. This was a snowblower type job so my dad spend about a half hour doing it. The whole wind issue was even worse with the snowblower!!

When we woke up Saturday the snow had slowed down, and finally the sun came out! :) My mom took a walk outside and stood in the street and the snow was almost up to her knees! That made for an issue if you needed to get out. Like my fiance. The blow hadnt come by and he had to be at work by 1 pm. Even with us cleaning our own driveway there wasnt a chance he'd be able to get into the street. We had a few experience of watching a snowmobile riding down our street! Luckily we have a great friend who came to get my fiance. 

My mom had to go to work too which at first posed a problem since the plow hadnt come by. Thankfully right before we left he did and we were able to get out. My mom is a nurse on second shift. When it snows this bad and is icy, my dad and I bring her to work. Perk of that? Being able to go pick her up at midnight! The snow only lasted until 3 pm but let me tell you, it was an interesting blizzard. Now, for the fun! I apologize in advance for the outfit and lack of looking made up. It was a lazy and "i dont care" type of day!

The first picture was in the afternoon when the snow first started. Second is a few hours later!
P.S. you'll get to meet this guy a little later :)

I'm pretty sure this little guy isn't going outside for awhile......

This is the highest spot in our yard but it's the only one  I could get to!

Needless to say, we had alot of snow!! The sun is out today and looks like some small spots are melting!!

Have a good day everyone :)

Krissy Girl


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