Sunday, February 17, 2013

Taco Dip

Have you ever been to a gathering where they have a food that you generally like but the way they made it for this party isn't exactly what you'll eat? This happens to me ALL the time (pickiest eater award goes to me!). You go to a party expecting to eat, not liking some of what they have and then feeling uncomfortable because everyone is pigging out and you just have crackers and cheese or salad on your plate. Luckily, in my family, we usually tend to bring the same foods to parties (and bring ALOT) so there's always something to choose from. 

One of the dishes that I adore when going to parties (we only have this at my cousins house and every other party I make it) is taco dip! I first tried this at my cousins house at one of their famous parties. And surprisingly I LOVED it! You may be thinking that this dish is so common and that everybody makes it. Thats true. Taco dip is one of those dishes that you really can put whatever you want in it. Once my cousin mixed it up and put beans and this different type of salsa and other little things. I tried it, it wasn't bad, but not something I continued to eat. I'm a plain girl and that's it

Another funny thing about this dish that always gets everyone laughing at me, is that I wouldn't eat each ingredient alone but I will eat it in this after its all made. Isnt it funny how that works?! So, if anyone you know is a picky eater but likes dip like this, have them make it! It honestly takes 5-10 minutes and is so good! 

What you'll need
1) 8 oz of sour cream (obviously it will vary depending on how many people you're serving  I use this amount when making it for 4 of us and its perfect!)
2) 8 oz of Whipped cream cheese (I ALWAYS use whipped because it gives it the right consistency that we like. Same rule above for the amount you need)
3) Bag/pouch of taco seasoning (we usually get the El Paso kind. And we get mild but obviously get what you like! We only need one bag for the amount we make but if you're making a double use almost two bags)
4) Tomatoes (I only use one big one because I don't like alot)
5) Lettuce (we use iceberg)
6) Cheese. (shredded stuff, whatever kind!)

It's so easy and pretty much self explanatory. The only things I'd really say are
1) Mix the cream cheese and sour cream together first 
2) After they are mixed, put the taco seasoning in. Mix that well because I've found sometimes the seasoning sticks to the bowl and then you get chunks of it!

I apologize for the quality of the pictures. It was at night when I took these and the lighting was all that good

Before adding the taco seasoning

After the taco seasoning and being spread. Another note is to make sure it's spread evenly

And there it is. So simple to make and it looks SO good! 

Does anyone have an recipes like this that they use?

Have a great Thursday!

Krissy Girl :)


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