Friday, June 28, 2013

Ready, set....ask me anything!

Oh weekend, I'm so glad you're here for once! Normally the weekend isnt as exciting for me as it is for most of you because thats our time to relax. We usually dont do much so sometimes its boring. During the week my mom is home the majority of the time so we go different places. This week though...oh its been killer. We've barely done anything. Why you ask? The weather has been nuts. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday it was almost 100 degrees. Then on Wednesday it started raining and has continued to rain and probably will contine through the weekend. Blah! The pool isnt ready because of the rain. It's all gross and wont clear. And the grass needs to be cut. Poor Bailey has to hop just to walk through it!

So because nothing fun happened this week, I have nothing to report. So, I've decided to turn the floor to all of you. I've realized as I went through all my old posts the other day that I've never actually let you get to know "me". You know what I do every week but not much about myself. Granted I'm a pretty simple girl. 

Now it's your turn...ask me anything. Anything at all. I personally love getting to know others especially when you're only able to chat through words....Ready, set, ask! :)

And because this post would be boring without pictures or anything...I'm praying for some summertime finally!


heydanixo said...

Girl it's been raining here too! Can you believe June is over???

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