Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Update

Why hello friends!! I hope you all had a fun relaxing weekend/day with your father's or hubbys. We actually did some fun stuff this weekend so I'm excited to share today.

Friday was busy. My mom and I got some last minute gifts for my dad. Can I just say it's so hard to pick out a father's day gift! Especially since my dad likes to come home with some type of goodie or contraption whenever he goes shopping. In the afternoon we took Brian on a mystery ride for his birthday. We took him to Walmart go choose a fishing pole. He loves that we have a lake available to us whenever so he can go fishing! Perks of having a jet ski I guess! After that we got some frozen yogurt. Oh they have the best flavors!! Brian had to work at 5 so my parents and I got take out for dinner then walked on over to the high school I went to (the school is literally two streets away). They were putting on a Relay for Life. It's a fundraiser for cancer. Basically you put a team together and have to walk around the track all night long. You obviously switch off but someone has to be on the track at all times. There were a good chunk of people. They had food, music and games. One game was called "Words with relay friends" Cheesy but it sounded fun :) We didnt participate in the walking. We did buy luminaries though. You decorate each bag, put a candle in it and place them somewhere on the rim of the track. At 9pm, they lit all the candles and had a ceremony. It was wonderful

Photo by krissygirl13

Photo by krissygirl13

The two on the right are my dad's parents and the one on the left is a cousin who we just lost back in August 2012 to breast cancer. It was a great night for a great cause!

Saturday was Brian's birthday. He turned 25. He spent the morning with his father. Brian took him up in the plane and flew him around a little. When they came back, I joined them for lunch at the airport cafe.

Photo by krissygirl13

That afternoon my mom had to work so we just spent time in the yard. My dad was planning on doing yard work and usually after he does, he likes to sit in a lawn chair for awhile and relax. It just so happens my mom and I bought him a new awesome chair for father's day. We decided to give it to him a day early.

Bailey seemed to think it was his. It has a pillow for your head and a cover that flips over so the top part of you is covered. It seems to recline far back also. My dad took it all in for a good hour! The rest of the night was spent relaxing. One of the movie theaters near our house was having a Bruins night. They were going to show the game on one of the big screens for free. Its one of the theaters where there's a whole restaurant menu and they come to your table and such. so good!

Sunday my dad, mom and I went to brunch. Brian had to work unfortunately! It's always so so good. Big buffet. The whole eating healthy idea was lost for the day. I took pictures of what I ate just to tease Brian. I promise I dont just sit at a restaurant and take pictures of food all the time lol

That was a good mimosa!

I had salad before this but these two things were the only things for my main entree. Thats what happens when you have sensitive taste buds I guess. I know I'm boring :)

This was just my speed. Chocolate chip cookies with I think raspberries and a peanut butter/chocolate cake thing

Besides the chair we also got him a certificate for a 50 minute massage and a Subway giftcard! He treated himself to a nap in the afternoon. 

We had a good family weekend and I hope you all did too!!

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