Friday, June 7, 2013

Vacation recap!!!

Guess what?.......

We're backkkk!! I'm sure you all sat there waiting for me to write a post, huh?. Ok...maybe you didn't. I hope you at least didn't forget about me while I was away :) I tried to read some of your wonderful blogs everyday. On one hand I kind of liked being away from the computer for awhile and taking a break from the blogging world. I had my phone and kindle but mostly was on Facebook. On the other I missed reading everything and a part of me felt guilty for not posting :) 

We had a WONDERFUL time. Usually it feels like we get there and then leave the next day, it goes by so fast. This time it went by slower. On Wednesday when we left I kept thinking about how we had been there for a whole week, 7 whole days. It felt like a long time! We spent most of our time watching our niece. She is the stinkin cutest. We went on a few outings but my sister in law and brother in law basically work different shifts which are basically all day so Brian and I were left to entertain our niece. We took her to the park and the library and a splash pad. We had a few places we could of gone but considering we didn't have a gps and didn't no where anything was we figured it'd be better to stay put instead of getting lost. Baton Rouge doesn't seem like the type of city where you'd want to get lost in. As I said, our niece is adorable. She's walking, "talking" and keeps us on our toes. We've only been in person with our niece 4 times since she was born in November of 2011. 6 months in between each time. Because of this she's like a whole new person each time we visit with her. It's hard to not be able to experience her milestones but it makes it that much more exciting when we can see what she's done. It's hard for her also. Here are two people that she barely sees and knows just walking in on her routine and her time with her parents. The first day we were there was hard. She wasnt sure about us. It got easier though. Not to brag but she liked me the best. Out of me and Brian of course. From what we've been told, she doesn't like men. She has two Uncles: Brian and our brother in law's brother. She doesn't like either Uncle. They tried but she just cried.

Before I get to the fun stuff i wanted to mention one of our plane rides. It was when we were going down. We always go on Southwest, Brian likes them the best for some reason. Southwest of course has open seating. This means there's always a chance of getting separated. We've been lucky on every flight we've taken together and have been sitting together. And thankfully our boarding numbers are always together so we get on the plane at the same time. Anyway, for this flight our boarding numbers were good. We figured we'd just end up in the back few rows. We were in the "C" boarding group. Never where you want to be but it was fine. We got on the plane and realized that there were seats still open but there would be one seat here one seat there and so on. There was middle seats open for the most part. Most of the people in the rows didn't even know each other. Well, that didn't help any. It seemed that everyone refused to let the pairs sit together. Its not a huge deal but you'd think that a person could move one seat back so people that came together could sit together. Brian and I got separated. I wasn't too happy. I got stuck between a woman and older guy. The woman wasn't bad. She was next to the window. She read a book and slept most of the time. She was a little on the heavier side so while her arm didn't take up the whole arm rest I didn't want to move my arm because it felt like I'd be touching her. There went the left arm. The older guy, oh gosh. He seemed to think the whole row was his. He was a serious guy. His left arm took up all of his seat and half of mine. I couldn't even touch the arm rest. He got extremely mad when I simply turned around to ask Brian something. Needless to say, I stared at the seat in front of me for the two hour flight. I glanced out the window a few times but didn't want the lady to think I was staring. And I didn't dare look to my right. The old guy probably would of yelled at me for looking around.

As I said, we had the best time and of course I took a zillion pictures. I think I put 56 up on Facebook but I had ALOT more than that. I wont bore you with many of them but I thought I'd share some.

We spent most of our time watching kids shows. Elmo and Super Why were the favorites. Have any of you moms watched Super Why? Apparently my kids show skills have been lacking

Its hard to tell how small this kitten is. I've never seen one this tiny. It was a fast little one. Reminded me of a rat or something. It would go from 0 to 60 in the blink of an eye. 

Little girls in tutus are so cute!

This is my sister in law. Yes, she's 27 and only 4'11



Although I've been down there many times now, I have to re remind myself each time of things. Its so much different down south than here in New England. Here are three things that I always seem to never get the hang of no matter how many times I try:

  • "Ma'am' Something I was told from the very beginning is important to say wherever you go. Now up here in New England you'd never catch someone using that term unless they are from the south. Its just something we've never been taught. I try to say it out of respect  but its so hard to know when I'm supposed to say it. The moment gets awkward but then it passes. 
  • No matter how short the sleeves and legs are on my shorts and shirts, the heat always wins. It was SO hot down there this week. It was in the 90s here in New England but it seems that the heat and humidity are different in the South. Can any of you agree? If I could of worn my bathing suit the whole time I would of. 
  • Even though the food is "plain" it always always has a taste of spice. We went to a restaurant on Sunday. I ordered chicken fingers. The were fried. It said nothing about spices or seasoning. Oh my gosh, my mouth was burning. I peeled of the skin and just ate the pure chicken. Luckily I had french fries which filled me up! Tuesday night we went to a place. They had Spinach dip. I asked the guy about spices and seasoning. He said they could hold the seasoning they put on the chips.  Yea right. My mouth was on fire! I sent it back and asked for fries. I'll stick with going to the grocery store and buying what I know!

This weekend we have a bunch going on. I'm so excited!!!

Today is raining and crappy BUT it is free donut day at Dunkins so you know I'll be going there!!

xoxo Rebecca

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Katie said...

That little girl is so cute!
I think the spicy food thing might just be in Louisiana - we live in NC and while it is super hot and we do say ma'am, I've never noticed exceptionally spicy food.

Rachael SparkFire said...

I AM SO GLAD that you had so much fun :) you deserved it. haha i laughed reading about the "rat" cat that went from 0-60. adorable :)!

Kristen said...

I love that you said your niece liked you the best!! I'm glad you had a good trip!! :) Next time y'all have to make your way over to the Lone star state!! ha

Claire P said...

Hi! nice photos. Dropping by from That Friday Blog hop! :)

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