Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday link up!

Hello, everyone!

We are working all summer long to bring you some exciting link ups on one of your favorite topics-weddings! Kristen and I both have wonderful men in our lives (Kristen is engaged!) and enjoy talking about weddings together.  We thought we would join you in on the fun!

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Today's topic: Breaking tradition!

Kristen's Tradition Breaking:

When the word "wedding" is mentioned in my family, you best believe that its like a huge deal. The first word that comes to all our minds is "party". Now we aren't the type to do anything stupid but we like to mix things up. We've danced the moon walk with mickey mouse gloves, we've done hand stands, somersaults, grinding and made speeches that probably aren't the most appropriate. And most of all, we've made the ceremony and reception halls looks beautiful. It's always been a day of magic, for everyone that's gotten married in my family. It's not just a day for the bride and groom, its a day for friends and family to celebrate with them. I had never been one for planning my wedding when I was a youngster or even in my early teenage years. It was nice to think about but I was young and wasn't really thinking about that stuff. The minute I got engaged, I was all over it. I basically had the whole wedding planned out in a few days. It just came to me

We aren't having a big wedding and I don't need it over the top. I want to keep it beautiful and have as much fun as every other wedding. My cousins and I have the same style so everything will be mostly the same. Except a few things. I'm talking about things that you don't see at many weddings. My parents like the tradition type of wedding which is fine but I'm adding a few extras.

There are two things about the ceremony that wont be as traditional.

I want comfortable shoes. I don't mind heels but feel that being in pain and having to walk around for awhile in them defeats the purpose of enjoying everything. I don't know about you but my feet hurt just an hour into wearing them! I want to focus on my wedding instead of how to cure my painful foot. I'd love to have wedges with crystals or sparkles on the strap part

Nowhere near as high and a different style of course but on this idea. 

A few of my cousins who have gotten married have had a little table at the side of the alter that had a little set up with the names of people we've lost. One cousin did our grandparents who both died within the year before she got married. Their names were mentioned and a little poem was read. It was special to have them with us in spirit

As for the reception

Instead of having a guest book, I'd love a picture of us with a black frame around it so people can sign around the picture. 

My fiance and i have big sweet tooth's. I would love to have a chocolate fountain

and a candy station for deserts

Maybe not as extravagant!

I'd also love to have a slide show with music. Pictures of Brian and I and our families and friends through the years we've been together. I'm thinking two songs. One being "This" by Darius Rucker and I haven't thought of another.

I know that almost every couple chooses a different song than "Daddy's little girl" for the father/daughter dance but still, that song is the traditional one which counts. I"m thinking this..

Most likely at the end of the night we wont do the traditional sending off of the bride and groom. We'll spend as much time with everyone as possible. Although it will be in winter, I'd love to have a convertible. We like getting in the car, turning on country music and just driving. Thats our time together so I want to continue that.. 


Rachael's Tradition Breaking:

1. I know that I don't want a limo.
I think it would be so fun to make memories in the car you will be using every day!
Wouldn't it be fun to be in the driver's or passenger seat and know that you once sat there in
your wedding gown with your groom?!  It seems so surreal to me!

2. I do want to keep the garter tradition. 
I know it's a little kinky, but I want my husband to take off my garter and throw it to the bridal party!
I would also love for him to do the garter dance, but I am not sure that he will be very compliant with that plan. 

However, breaking tradition: I don't know if I want to throw my wedding bouquet. I think I want it!

3.  I want to write my own vows! I know this is becoming much more popular. 
I also know that after I write my own vows, I want to read the traditional vows too!

4. I think I want a receiving line! 
This is technically proper etiquette, but no one does this!

5. Breaking Tradition: 
Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue?
I think this is the stupidest tradition. 
I am not trying to offend anyone in any way!
It's just not for me.

6. I am also considering wearing a pastel colored shoe instead of white!
I think that would be fun!

We would love to hear your wedding traditions and untraditional-traditions! :)

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I love that song sweet girl! Its a great father/daughter dance song :)

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