Friday, February 21, 2014

5 on Friday - when is Spring coming again?

What a crazy two weeks it's been! One of the reasons why I've been a little MIA. While we've spent more time at home then out and about, partly not by choice, I feel like we haven't stopped! Here's my 5 for Five to catch you up!

I posted this picture two weeks ago on Instagram with the caption "'s way too early for the periodic table"..and that it is! I'm taking two classes with one being Biology. For a class that has the word "basic" in the title, it's certainly not proven that it's only basic. Our teacher is a weird. There, I said it, and I'm not ashamed of it! He's pretty much a scatter brain who moves from one thing to another without really explaining anything. We've jumped into topics without first getting re-introduced to them as well. For someone who hasn't taken Biology since Sophomore year of high school, I'm trying to remember as much as I can! It's only been a month since we started the semester and I've missed three Biology classes and two classes of Social Psychology, the other class I'm taking, due to snow. I feel like we've had more days off then we've been there. It's been difficult to really learn anything when you have a limited time in the class as it is.

Speaking of snow, it's so hard not to talk about it because that's all we've known for the past two weeks. We seem to get a storm every other day. One of the piles on one of the sides of our driveway is now taller than me and I'm only 5'2. Says alot about how much we've gotten...

Last weekend was really busy! We had a snow day on Valentines Day so we stay inside pretty much for the whole day. My mom and Brian both had to work so my Valentines ended up being my dad and Bailey. I'm not complaining! It was my parents wedding anniversary as well! And, even at 24, my parents still spoiled me with goodies!

On Saturday Brian and I celebrated being together for 5 years and 4 of them being engaged! Back at Christmas, my parents gave us tickets to see Brad Paisley! So, Saturday night we bundled up because, obviously, it was snowing, again, and went out to dinner and then to the concert! Chris Young was his opening act and was great as well! 

Last but not least, I couldn't leave out this little guy. He's been such a trooper in the snow and has been getting lots of rest in since we can't go for walks yet!


Mandy @ Mandy's Money said...

This snow is crazy and is seriously giving me the winter blues making everyone stayed cooped inside! Glad you still had a good valentines day and congrats on 5 years together!

crazyperfectlife said...

I am so ready for spring!!!

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