Friday, February 7, 2014

Cara Box, Instagram, Snow, and Trader Joe's..oh my!

What a relaxing and fun week! The storm on Wednesday caused no school so I've been able to catch up on some things and take a breather. Having to go to Biology for two hours this morning is kind of dull. Here are some tid bits of my week though!


If you or any blogger you know live in any of the NorthEast states let me know! You might not be aware of the fabulous network called "NorthEast Bloggers Network." A place for all of us to interact, write blog posts, find resources, make connections and so much more! I am the NH and Maine state rep, while there are other bloggers who are state reps for each other state. I've made an instagram (@NEBloggerNetwork) for the network and hope you'll follow, as well as join the main network blog here

@wifessionals and @_wifestyles have a weekly "wifelifelinkup" going on on instagram, where they post a topic each Tuesday. A little look into your life. This week's topic was "treating yourself." I shared this photo. I was in the mood to brighten myself up a little and relax and loved it oh so much!

Trader Joe's was our lifeline this week. I can't go into that store without buy one or two things. They were sampling mac & cheese and oh my gosh was it good! I'm usually not a fan because while cheese is one of my guilty pleasures, there's just too much of it in mac & cheese. This one, though, was very light and healthy but you still got the flavor.

I participated in Cara Box for the first time. This time we were paired by state and it just so happens that there were only 4 of us for New Hampshire so it was a great 3 months getting to know the other 3 girls. We've kind of formed a close bond because of it. I got my package this week and was SO excited by the contents. My partner did a fabulous job!

A garland that says "happiness"
The cutest sticky notes/page dividers
I've been wanting this lip balm...the best!
Seriously cute dog frame so Bailey can always be with me
A calendedar with inspirational sayings each day. I've never seen one like this and it's so so nice

Yup, no surprise...we got snow again. About 10 inches.

Why yes, we are standing on the pool....


What are your plans for the weekend?!


Lisa { Showered With Design } said...

What is Cara box and how do I sign up for this?

Mandy @ Mandy's Money said...

I haven't tried the mac and cheese at TJ's, I just brought my husband to the one in Nashua for the first time yesterday! I wish we had one closer to us, so I only get to go once a month or so

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