Monday, May 20, 2013


Happy Monday!!! Second to the last day of May to be exact. Does anyone else find that crazy? We had a great weekend geared towards our wonderful family. While we spend a good chunk of time with them during the summer, the impromptu times make it even better!!!

First off, how many of you are graduating this month or next? Congratulations in advance!! Now onto the weekend...

Friday- we actually relaxed most of the day. It was about 80 degrees so we enjoyed being outside. Brian and I went to lunch to "celebrate" him being half way done with his pilots test. Then we took Bailey for a walk. who knew a dog could walk that slow, seriously! We got subway for dinner. Has anyone tried their salads? They are so good! Salad is one of my favorites so I'm excited they make it.

Saturday- this was a fun day! We headed over to the Greek church for the Greek festival and snagged some yummy food! My great aunt and cousin are Greek and used to make all this same stuff years ago so it was nice to try some of it again. they had so many different kinds of food that you wouldnt go hungry. Are any of you Greek? While we spent about $30, my favorite part of that was this...

Photo by krissygirl13

In the afternoon we ran a few errands then went to see my cousin. She was attending her senior prom that night. Really? I still cant believe it. She was like 2 years old just yesterday. When you had your prom did you all (and the others that went to prom) meet at a spot before heading to the prom where you took pictures? I'm not sure how other high schools do it but hats what they did Saturday. Let me just say wow! Her class has 475 students in it and cramming them all in one spot was nuts. Plus you had to include all the families. I personally dislike where they chose to meet. Its basically a common in the middle of down town. See the picture below....that triangle thing is where they met. Not cool. They went to Boston for the prom. I'm so jealous!

Here are a few pictures...

Thats my dad. He's also her godfather

She's one of my best friends. Her dress was gorgeous!

those are my cousins grandparents and one of her friends. 

they've been best friends since 2nd. Neither had a date so they decided to go together!

Thats her mom! My auntie and godmother

they are my favorites!

Sunday- we booked our trip to Disney, woo hoo! We're going in December. I cant wait! We're staying right in Disney at the Port New Orleans or something like that. Brian cant come though...oh retail and your blackout dates! After that we got invited to a birthday party. My aunt (in the second to last picture above) had her birthday on Friday. My cousin had her 18th birthday yesterday. Prom and turning 18 in one weekend...big deal! We had fun. We got home just in time for it to start pouring. That turned into a night of books, wine and chocolate!!

Photo by krissygirl13

In case you missed the post on Friday, I've made a Twitter! For anyone who I already have as a follower, I just changed my username so it pertains to the blog! Feel free to stalk me :)

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heydanixo said...

I will never get a salad from Subway ever again.I went once and the dude gave me 2 cucumbers,6 olives, and 3 pickles. My salad was basically lettuce.Now sure maybe it was just that store but dang was I so mad lmao.

Chocolate covered strawberries are to die for! But you gotta try chocolate bacon (;

Everyone looked gorgeous in their dresses! And Disney girl what the heck I wanna go so bad I am trying to go in November but if we don't do it then, then I am trying for December to go to Mickey's Merry Christmas Party....
so much in common (:

Rachael SparkFire said...

It was fun to read this and look at all your photos! Your friend looked beautiful! Haha I loved the comment about your dog walking slow. Sometimes, as much as we love our animals, they are SUCH A PAIN! You are so lucky you are going to Disney too! The Magic Kingdom is and always will be my FAVORITE park! :) Where are you going?

Jennifer said...

We used to all meet at someone's house for pictures before the prom. But I'm old, nothing was the same as it is today when I went to the prom! Your cousin looks very nice. I've never been to Disney so I'll enjoy hearing all about your trip. :)

Ashleigh said...

Those chocolate covered strawberries would be my favorite too! Hello yummy goodness! I bet you are excited for Disney! I loved it as many times as I have been :) I cannot ever get enough of that place! You all will love it :)

Another Clean Slate said...

Ohhh yay for Disney!!

Shana Jane said...

Hey girl !! Haven't heard from you in a while, changed my blog a little come check it out!!:)

Alex[andra] said...

You're going to Disney?! Lucky you! I think that's the same hotel my family and I stayed at when we went (2 years ago). You'll have a blast for sure!

My prom was weird.. I went to two. Neither was actually my own prom. I went to three different highschools, had friends all over and the guy I was dating lived over an hour away in a different city. So I was a girlfriends' "date" for one prom and another girlfriends' "date" for another. Then I got to University, went to formal (which was like prom for university) and had a blast. That's where I met Andrew! :)

Jamie said...

The Greek festival sounds great! Those strawberries are awesome.

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