Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend recap! And some Bloglovin'

Although it was yesterday, Happy Memorial Day. Some of you are the wives of the wonderful soldiers who fight for our country, so please thank them.

While our weekends aren't usually that interesting, we have been going to the lake for the past few Memorial Days. Thats a definite. We were looking forward to again on Sunday. There's just something about the lake! Unfortunately this weekend just brought crappiness so we didn't really get to do much. The reason for the crappiness? This.....

Photo by krissygirl13

Yup, You're reading that right! It was 45 degrees on Saturday. Raining and windy. This was day 5 of rain. I'd say by 8pm it was 30. It felt like winter. Yesterday it felt like the same thing. I've had to bring out my sweatpants and long sleeve shirts again....Despite the weather we had some fun this weekend, indoors.

Friday was kind of a bore. The only fun thing was making this.....

It was really good and my mom says its healthy! If anyone wants the recipe let me know! 

Photo by krissygirl13

Saturday- we spent the afternoon/evening at my aunt and uncles. My cousins also went over and we planned our trip to Florida. I am so excited for all the fun stuff we are going to do. We are staying here...

 I kind of just sat there. Apparently if you want to actually sit down for dinner you have to book it now and you get a dining plan which can get confusing. I left that to my parents. In the meantime I spent time playing with this little guy. His name is Manny. 

Sunday proved us right and was crappy so we didn't go to the lake, which was ok because we had fun anyway. There's a place no far from us called Parker's Maple Barn. They make maple syrup and its oh so good. We went there for breakfast. The grounds that the restaurant is on are beautiful. They have a gift shop, a river behind, and a little place to get maple donuts (Brian's in love with them). They are so busy that its usual a very long wait. This time we waited an hour. 

This is the beautiful bridge they have. 

After lunch we took a ride to a few nursery's so my parents could look for plants. They are all about flowers and love to plant them in our front and backyard. We have a garden and arboretum. One place we went had flowers outside and a big indoor part. Which contained like all the bird feeders, food and everything you'd need to plant or put bird feeders. They had these little guys in a tub on the floor and we got to hold them!


They were so so cute!!!

We came home and spent our night watching the movie 

. Nicole Kidman is Keith Urban's wife...just an FYI :) We also had some drinks and ate nachos.

Yesterday was finally sunny and nice. Brian and my mom had to both work so it was me and dad. We spent time doing outside stuff and hanging out with Bailey. 

Last night was the Bachelorette!! Who watched it? It's going to be a interesting season!! 

Now I am off. Off to get a manicure!!

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Alex[andra] said...

It's freezing here too! And raining! Boo!

You're staying at the same hotel I stayed at when I went to Disney! Woohoo!

Kristen said...

Sorry the weather was so nasty... but glad you made it a fun weekend anyway! I watched the batchelorette!! It definitely does look like a crazy season!!

Jamie said...

I just added you in bloglovin!

Jennifer said...

What a busy weekend! I'm glad you had a good one, in spite of the weather.

Susannah said...

Sorry your weekend wasn't what you were hoping but it looks like you had a great one nevertheless. :-)

Jane said...

45 degrees?!?!?! WHAT?!? Cold! And those chicks are sooo cute! I want one. I added you on Bloglovin!

Rachael SparkFire said...

Yep seems like we have the exact same weather. Not fun haha. You are going to have the best time in Florida. I am so happy you get to relax. Oh yes you and your fiance are adorable. Stay beautiful Kristen :)

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