Saturday, May 4, 2013

Uncomfortable and a Quote

Happy Saturday lovely's ! I missed yesterday Challenge. Ok maybe I didnt actually miss it because right now there is a draft waiting to be finished. Yesterday was busy and by the time I had a chance to finish it I really didnt feel like it. so today thats what I'm going to do.

Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable

Loud Noises: This might sound weird but this is something that I've always had issues with. Maybe a good word to describe it is that they make me nervous. I have sensitive ears which can hear things that others might not be able to. I can also hear things from miles away. Brian's famous line is "well I didn't hear it", which means that it must not be true. I always tell him that I wouldn't be saying I hear it if I didn't  Sometimes its little things such as an animal in the backyard or bigger things like hearing the mail truck a street away. funny story...

About a month ago, about 8:30pm. I was in my room, light off, door shut, TV on and my parents were in the living room. My room faces the street and is right next to the front steps. You got to picture this in your mind. I hear a noise, not a loud once like a bang but a noise. I wasn't sure if I was hearing things or it was a moment where my ears actually heard something. And see the thing is, because I hear so many distinct things I get nervous. Cautiously I looked out my window and saw something black on the front steps. We have railings on our steps with those little platforms where the rail bends. It looked as though someone was standing on the steps with a black hoodie. Now, i freaked. Ran into the living room. Usually my parents just say it was outside but this time my dad actually got up. He went to the dining room and try to slowly peek out the window. My accident he hit the radiator which made whatever it was move. He saw it move and thought it was a kid running away. But then looked straight down at the bush that was in front of him and peering up was an owl!!  

Small animals: I dont animals such as dogs or cats but like rodents or reptiles or anything like that. Brian works at Pet Smart and works in the Pet Care department which means he works with all the small animals. Fish, snakes, birds, Geckos, dragons, lizards you name it. When I go I freak if someones holding one. Even be reassured they wont bite, I just cant bare to touch them. Maybe its part of the unknown. I've never had to deal with these so just because you say they wont do anything doesnt mean that if I make it nervous because I'm nervous it wont attack me. And snakes, forget it. I did have two hamsters when I was younger. They were fun but I think I was a little more adventurous!

Being center of attention: This is something I've had an issue with since I can remember  I dont know why but I don't like having the spot light on me. Even when it comes to family. Apparently when I'd have birthday at a young age I wouldn't let anyone sing to me. Weird right? Every kind loves birthdays. Everyone would stand around I'd just blow out the candles. To this day I actually hate people singing to me but luckily its only a few people. I also hated opening gifts. I'd play shy or make my mom do it. Its very intimidating  at the age of 3 or 4 having all these tall people standing over you just watching. Brian laughs at me because in restaurants I don't like people coming over to sing whether its to me or anyone at the table. For my birthday a few months ago, two of our pet smart friends took us out to Texas Road House (YUM!) for my birthday. I told Brian to tell them before hand to not mention it was my birthday. There was no way I as getting on the saddle!! When I was young, and someone had a birthday at a restaurant  I'd hide under the table if they sang. Such embarrassment!

Change: I am a girl with a  routine and schedule. I plan days in advance. It may be a plan in my head or how I think something should go or its a plan on paper. If you or anything changes that plan, prepare to get a moody me. It doesn't even have to be routine, it can be anything. If we have o replace something in the house, I don't like it at first. If I throw away clothes, I hate it because now those clothes wont be where they normally are. If I don't have a routine everyday I get so mixed up

Public displays of affection: This is something that luckily Brian and I both agree on. Holding hands is fine, a kiss on the cheek is fine but making out at the mall or whatever, no. There is a time and place for that! Although they cant actually do it in public, I cant even tell you how many times I've seen people be "sexual" in public. That's why there's a thing called a bedroom, hello. Even flirting, like at a restaurant  There's people eating, a nice waiter whose taking time to come to your table. Show respect  I'm not talking about the little things but when it gets out of hand. I've given Brian hugs, or kisses on the cheek, we hold hands but thats it. 

Not making eye contact: Its really hard for me to do this when talking to people, but I try my hardest to.  Im a believer that eye contact is very important and very respectful. I think more of its when I'm with someone and they dont make eye contact to others. Its hard to explain without giving an example.

Lets say we're at Texas Road house. We always get the bread. Brian's in love with it and could eat it all himself He'll take a piece and start eating it. The waitress will come over to take our order. i usually go first. Then she'll ask what Brian wants. Well, instead of paying full attention and looking at her so that she can hear him and also just out of respect, he'll look down at the table and continue to eat the bread as he's talking. It makes it hard for her to hear what he says and makes it awkward because its like he's not paying attention. I feel embarrassed!

Food touching: I mentioned this before the other day but I HATE when food touches, not matter what it is. I know, it all goes down the same place but just seeing it mixed is gross. That is why I have divider plates and usually them all the time and am proud of it. This is something my family always laughs about. The corn cant mix without potatoes or the meatballs and sauce cant touch the spaghetti. And if it does, well that little piece wont be touched. We ha d pizza and fries the other day. Depending on  the fries I put salt or ketchup. This time I put salt. I had to have the fries in a separate plate. The salt couldnt touch the pizza. 

Day 4, Saturday: Favorite quote (from a person, from a book, etc) and why you love it

Our lives on this earth are a privilege  Everything we own is a privilege and a right we've earned, not something we can just choose. I dont need this nice house, I dont need a billion outfits, I don't need a big TV in my room, but I have them and I am so grateful I do. From the moment I was born God had a plan for me. I had RSV, which then resulted in finding out about my disability. If I hadn't been in that hospital with tons of tests they may not have figured it out for awhile. The last semester of my senior year I had migraines every day of the week. After graduation I said I was done with school for awhile. If I had just went right into college I wouldn't get the privilege of after getting my associates only taking 10 classes and getting a Bachelors. These are just two examples, of things that had a purpose. RSV and not going right to college. Things that I maybe didn't realize were part of the plan. I dont take those things for granted. God has a plan for me and I may not know what it is for a long time to come but I cant wait to find out. While you may be going through a difficult time of finding yourself or just in general, remember that. This part of life is a season and not permanent. God is good and will lead you in the right direction if you surrender your plan to him. 


Another Clean Slate said...

I hate small animals, but mostly rodents! Blech!

Jennifer said...

I'm exactly the same way about being the center of attention and being change-averse. We have a lot in common. :)

heydanixo said...

Hope all is well, have not heard from you lately.
Loved this post, I wanna do it but I feel lazy lol.

Rachael SparkFire said...

It's so fun learning more about you! :) xoxo Rachael

Alex[andra] said...

It sounds like we're actually pretty different! I love small animals. The second time we went to Cuba, I held a snake, a baby alligator and a bunch of other animals. I thought it was so much fun! And I'm very okay with being the center of attention. But, that's probably because I used to act in school. And, I'm pretty loud. I'm the one who will walk down the street with friends, acting stupid, and having everyone look at me.

But I do agree that PDA is gross. Really, I don't want to see people makeout in front of me. Gross.

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