Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Happy Hump Day to you all!!! I hope your're all doing well :) We've had a perfect day. It was 70 degrees out and my mom, grandmother and I went shopping at the new outlets. Despite being beautiful and being able to spend time with them, its been a "So What" type of day. So thats what I'm going to bring you...

Today I say So what if...

I spent money today
Ok, it was basically $26, which isn't really alot but if you knew me for a long time, you'd know I HATE spending money. I don't know why. I don't take money for granted because I know that I'm luckily to have some whereas other people who are trying their hardest aren't getting much. I don't have tons of money and dont want to but I like to save. I feel that if its not crucial that I have whatever it is, then I don't need it. I felt guilty even spending what I did today! But, I felt like treating myself so I did

I'm obsessed with the Hanes store. They have such cute stuff. I bought myself some new pjs. I saved 6 dollars buying a shirt and pants, sweet deal!!

I'm sorry but have you seen anything cuter than little girls outfits? I love boys don't get me wrong but there's something about pink. I had to stop in the Carters store also. They have amazing stuff in there. I found a few cute things and couldn't help but buy this for our niece

2-Piece Bodysuit Pant Set

I've saved my Stats homework until right now
Its only one problem and we have the answer already so its just a matter of solving the problem which will take 10 minutes but still. I've had since last Thursday  I find that when doing homework I get distracted. When i was in high school, I'd come straight home and do the homework right away. But now that Brian's here and Bailey hers and we actually have stuff to do, I cant always concentrate  I've been finding in college that I work better under pressure. By doing it right now, the day before its due I have to totally focus because I'm not one to not turn in an assignment

We had pancakes for dinner last night
This is something my dad has been making since I can remember. We only have them every few months but itz a special tradition, plus he makes them from scratch :) 

Photo by krissygirl13

I'm obsessed with my new Boston Strong shirt

Photo by krissygirl13

I wrote that I wouldn't take another class with my Abnormal Psych teacher on the student evaluations we filled out
While she is such a sweet lady, I don't feel she gave enough knowledge to me. She didn't really care about the class either. She was just teaching it and the other 6 classes she has so that her daughter wont move back home. I'm not paying that much money to not have homework and just sit watching a power point

I'm obsessed with texting. 
I promised myself awhile ago that I wasn't going to be looking at my phone 24/7 because I don't need to. It takes away from everyday life and the moments that it brings. I'm not terrible but I've started texting more. Who doesnt love hearing that little noise when you get a text? I sure do! 

I came inside last night instead of helping
My dad bought this tent thing to store the lawn mower and the snow blower. We were helping him put it together but the bugs were everywhere. I felt so gross. So I went instead, but felt guilty. Oh well!!

I skipped exercising tonight
I've been doing really well. Down a few pounds! But we went to Kohls, of course and when we got home I started this post. Tomorrow's another day I guess....

Well, I think thats all I have for today. Maybe its a good thing? I hope the next two days go by quick for all of you!!

Side Note: I know Google Reader will be shutting down so everyone is going to BlogLovin'. I"m not against it or anything but have been going back and forth about if signing up for it is worth my wild. I've kinda been lazy too...What do you all think?


Gina said...

I wish I had homemade pancakes for dinner! Yum.

Ps the only reason I keep twitter on my phone is to feel popular when I hear the text alert go off! Haha you're not alone.

Rachael SparkFire said...

Yummy to the pancakes! I didn't want to transfer to Bloglovin either. I have too much social media stuff! But, I thought I might as well get a head start if people were actually going to switch. I personally don't use it but people can follow me through it after I set up the account.

KrissyGirl said...

They are so good!!! I'll think of you when I have leftovers for breakfast tomorrow :)

Sometimes feeling popular is a good thing :) None of my friends text me except for one so when it goes off, I'm so excited!!

KrissyGirl said...

I'll probably go to it just because everyone else is. I dont view blogs in Google Reader though, just through the regular dashboard.

Alex[andra] said...

I love outlet malls! Don't feel guilty for only spending $26 :)

Mmm.. pancakes. I haven't had homemade pancakes in a while. Oh and texting? Don't even get me started. It's bad how often I text. When I started at this job, they told me I can't use my phone while at work. Pfft. I showed them. I'm constantly texting at work and they've given up telling me not to (in my defense, I DO try to hide it).

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