Monday, August 19, 2013

5 things and an announcement!

Happy Monday!!!! I hope your weekends were super. We didnt do much. Saturday we went to dinner at a favorite restaurant! Yesterday Brian took me with him up to the airport where he flys for the BBQ they have once a month. It was fun and the sunset was gorgeous :)

Short story: There were three people sitting at the table next to us at dinner. Two gentleman and a woman. The men seemed to be alot older (I'd say late 80s). At one point I turned around to see one of the old men trying to pick up his menu that had fallen on the ground. He was so close to grabbing it...his fingers could touch it but couldnt grasp it. It didnt help the chairs are the kind that have arms so its hard to bend over them. I got up and said that I'd get it. He looked at me with a blank face (he wasnt able to talk much and seemed to be a little weak) He was able to muster up the BIGGEST smile and say "thank you sweetheart". It honestly was the greatest feeling. Totally made my day!

Anyway, today I'm mixing it up because my wonderful and lovely bestie, Rachael, tagged me in her 5 things post. 

5 Blog Crushes (tagged!)

5 things I have a passion for:

Helping others 

5 things I'd like to do before I die:

Re-learn French
Bungee Jump
Write a book
Create a stronger connection with the Lord
Raise a beautiful family

5 reads I love:

(Needing to read) Bossypants!
The Castle/Nikki Heat books (kind of obsessed)
Something borrowed
The Time Travelers Wife
Anything Nicholas Sparks

5 favorite movies:

The Notebook
Dantes Peak (if you havent seen it, do it! So emotionally heartfelt)
The Christmas shoes (I kind of cant wait for December!)
A Walk to Remember
The Wizard of Oz

5 places I want to travel:

All the places the Bachelor and Bacheloretts go! :)

Also! Come back for a giveaway and a special ("must read") post on how you can Pay It Forward!


Ashleigh said...

The 5 post looks fun :) & I am glad you enjoyed your weekend with Brian..

Ashley Lee said...

I love Wifessionals! :) She is a sweetie. & I am def on the same page when it comes to growing closer & stronger with the Lord. I have been slacking here lately on reading my bible & making time for just me & God. But I def need to make the time! <3

Jessica said...

I need to check out your blog crushes because I have only heard of Kaitlyn (I loooove my monthly Cara Boxes!) and I like your lists! Good idea :) I want to see Dante's Peak now. I may wait til next week since I have my period now and just watching the Home Shopping Network makes me emotional BUT I will add it to my queue! Great post lady!

Alex[andra] said...

Aw, thanks for tagging me!

I want to write a book too! I swear, one day I will.

I watched the Wizard of Oz when I was a kid and it scared me. I didn't like the witch or her flying monkeys.

Yay for a giveaway!

Seriously Kate said...

I am a huge Nicholas Sparks fan - I haven't read all of his books though because sometimes I just can't handle the drama, his endings can be so sad sometimes. I loved Something Borrowed. Dante's Peak and The Notebook are definitely on my Top 10 list. :)

Thanks for stopping by Seriously Kate - I'm so glad you liked the Puzzle post. Your comment blessed my heart.

Am your newest follower!


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