Thursday, August 15, 2013

That Time I.....Had a Job

Although I'm a day late, I wanted to participate in Alex and Emily's That Time I....

As I've mentioned many times, I've been searching for a job for awhile. I've been blessed to be able to live with my parents and that they have been supporting of me doing school instead of working these past few years. Up until meeting Brian (2009) and getting engaged (2010), I really didnt have financial responsibilities. While many may consider me lazy or something, I'm grateful that I've been able to focus on school. True, Brian and I dont have much money and spend most of our time at home or going places that require little or no money but thats ok. I figure that by giving school everything I have, things will look better in the long run.

What most of you dont know though is that I did have a job. Back in 2004/2005. Where you ask? Not many places hiring people that young. It was a family owned business  My Uncle and cousin decided to go in on it together. the employees were all family. Including my aunt, dad, and cousins. It was such a fun time! I know you'd love to know the name right? It was called The "Holy Cow" Cafe. Now, thats probably not a name you would expect for a diner or even a name you'd like a 40 something year old would pick out, right? Let me tell you how the name came to be. A short story that meant everything.

This was a dream of my aunt and uncle's for a long time. Our family is close as you know and my uncle is the master at making breakfast. He seriously has the best homefries :) Anyway, whats better than having both? It took awhile to get everything together. The space wasn't big and was part of a four business strip on the side of a busy main road/intersection. It was run down a little so it needed alot of repairs. Finally it was done though. Columbus day weekend 2004 is when it opened. But first it was signing the paers. My uncle and cousin met with the people to do that. As i'm sure you've guessed by now, my family doesn't really hold back and we basically say whatever w want. As they each signed the last form, my uncle stood and started to yell "Holy sh**". Luckily for himself, he caught it and replaced it with "Holy Cow, we did it!!!". And that my friends is how the name came about.

The place was so fun! I wish there were still pictures of the whole thing. Everything was cow. The floor was black and white title. There were little cow figures everywhere. Although they dont do it justice, here are two pictures.

Notice the cow curtains in the window...

Thats Jamie. My cousin and part owner. We had fun shirts! And notice the cow on the wall behind him. I'll never forget where North, South, East and West is!

As I said it was so nice having it be family. We had lots of laughs, lots of precious moments, lots of milestones. For Christmas my aunt bought little stockings and stuck them to one of the big walls. Each of our names was one on. Santa was good to us too :) I worked every Saturday morning along with my aunt. My dad sometimes filled in and was one of the cooks (my cousin and uncle usually did the cooking). 

It was an experience I'd never forget. Granted I was 14 and more concerned with everything else on the planet, it was a learning period. I feel like it's important to get kids started young with learning. I'm not talking about educating/school type of learning. I'm taking about learning for the real world. Learning how to deal with people. These days kids spend all the time on their phones or hanging with friends or some of them even get into things they shouldn't. Kids need to learn customer service, or communication or just responsibility in general. I believe alot of who I am today is part of this experience. I'm the shy one. I dont like being center of attention and have a hard time talking to people. This job made me get out there. I formed relationships. I learned cooking skills/cleaning skills which will help me when I have my own house. 

Here are another few things I learned:

that I have OCD/organizational skills - can I just say when you have glass plates stacked way high on a shelf that could easily be bumped and make the plates fall, you kind of get obsessed. And I'm my table wiping skills are better than anyone

You probably want to make sure you're all clear before you empty anything - one day my uncle, my dad and myself were working. We were done for the day, luckily, so we decided to pull the plug or whatever on the sink to make the water drain out (they kept the dirty dishes side plugged and re added water every so often). Well, one pull and bam. The floor flooded, yes, it was lovely. Why? We had no idea. We may have let it like that and not told my cousins the next day...oops. 

I could feel like I was in a sona just by sitting next to the dishwasher while it ran - I have nothing to say for this one. Man oh man it was HOT. I'm pretty sure I let out more sweat on my face in those few months than I have since. 

How to make Belgian waffles.- this was a total score! Jamie started to let me make them for customers and I'd always add cool whip and strawberries. And now that I have a waffle maker at home, I can use those skills too

And most importantly...

That are there amazing people in this world - As I said i worked every Saturday. Alot of people that came in knew my aunt and uncle and cousins or were just family members in general. Then you had the regulars. It wouldnt be a diner without them! We looked forward to theme very week. Then there was this couple. husband and wife. They came in a bunch of times when we first opened. They were the nicest people. Always saying hello and making conversation. Then they started bringing their little boy in. He was about 4. The bathroom was int he  back where I was so they'd have to bring the boy to go potty alot. He'd smile, I'd say hi. We formed a bond. They didnt come in for awhile. They had been coming in every weekend so it was fitting they'd give it a break. We missed them. My aunt and I always said how we missed that cute boy running back to us. One Saturday though, it was busy and we were busy in the back. Who comes running back to us? Yes, that boy. His parents followed and said that "he wanted to come in just to see Kristen". It was the most precious moment. I will never forget that little boy!

Unfortunately, in May of 2005, my uncle and cousin decided to close the business. To be honest, they regret it now but it was what they had to do. It was hard for me. There's another diner there now. It's been there for about 7 years. I will not go in. I'm not even sure why I wont. My dad goes to breakfast there sometimes but for me, it's not something I want to do. 

It was such a great time in my life that I will never forget! 


Alex[andra] said...

Aw, thanks for including Emily and I in your post!

I definitely agree that kids need to learn responsibility and customer service skills. After working in an industry like that, you appreciate so much more.

Sorry to hear that they chose to close the diner. Maybe they'll open a new one one day?

Oh and the story of how it got it's name was really neat!

Rajrupa Gupta said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how the diner got its name!! And like you said its really so important to get the kids start early in the real world. I know this because I knew nothing about anything till I started college! Thanks to my overprotective Indian parents! :)

Emily Nail said...

I really like your blog. I agree- getting kids started in the real world early is sooo important. I did. I got my first job when it was legal for me to do so, and I was 14. I learned so much and I think it greatly helped to contribute to my confidence as an adult.
Really insightful blog- I am now following you on Bloglovin'!


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