Friday, October 25, 2013

High Five For Friday!

It's Friday!! It's been a long week of midterms and papers but despite that I've found some good!

a) It's been sunny and gorgeous everyday but got cold so fast! I'm loving it though. Bring on the sweaters, scarfs and boots :)
b) My mom loves doing photography. Just a hobbie and has been taking a class at a local college. We had so many leaves this week that she wanted Bailey playing in them. Apparently he doesn't like them as much as he doesn't like water. A tip? If you want them to do something, hold a treat up! 
c) I took this at the cemetery for the group project. there are MANY trees around and in the property but this was gorgeous. The colors were no joke!
d) I know there are so many picture collage apps on the IPhone but sometimes I still take pictures with my regular camera. So I wanted to find a desktop site for making collages and I did. You click and you get 8 pages of template choices and many other options. 

For my 5th thing I wanted to share this amazing video. It's been traveling all over Facebook and we died laughing last night

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png


heydanixo said...

37??? wow its about 50 here and that's cold for us lol.
Hope you have a great Friday(:

Laura H said...

Loved the video! I had to steal it! Oh and still so jealous of your weather and amazing fall color! Today is cool for us as it is 62 outside.

Ashleigh said...

Good luck on midterms

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