Monday, October 14, 2013

Shenanigans - corn mazes, apples and family

Oh Monday! Why did you have to start out being 44 degrees and with total fog? this weekend went by in the blink of an eye. We were so so busy. While it's kind of sad that it's over, I also remember that I got to spend almost every minute of the weekend with family. So blessed!

On Saturday we had a fundraiser. Let me go back a second. December of 2009, a family member passed away *very* unexpectedly (very being the key word if you catch my drift). It was something no one could have foreseen him doing. His sister decided she wanted to start two different scholarships in his name. One at the college he attended and the other at his old high school. To gain money, she also decided to have a one day fundraiser ever year, which is called "The Live It Now" Celebration. That was the motto our family member lived by. We cook food, there's a kickball tournament, kid activities, raffles, bracelets, bumper stickers and t-shirts are sold. It's a great time that we all look forward to. This year wasn't as big a turn out as we had hoped but any amount will do. Plus it was FREEZING so we all stood around the grill which was so warm! We went back to my aunt and uncle's with everyone. Always a fun time!

a) That's Mason. The hit of the show. He was probably the warmest out of all of us!
b) My wonderful parents! 
c) With the kid stuff they do tattoos every year. That's what mom got. 
d) Kickball. I was surprised I got it after she kicked it

a) That's my Uncle. He looks like my dad's twin if you hadnt noticed :) Him and my dad were the cooks
b) Baby baby..cant get enough of this guy!
c) She's the cutest! 

a) I have the best cousins!
b) Playing a game called "heads up" (see picture c)
c) So much fun! It's basically Charades but with your phone. It's $0.99 in the app store!
d) We came home and had some of this and turned on the fireplace

On Sunday we went to breakfast then had a Fall day. Went to the corn maze. I might of mentioned in a previous post that when they make the maze the "carve" it into an animal. This year was a salamander  They have mailboxes throughout the maze with questions to answer. It's so fun!

a) Let's get lost!
b) They had the tail, and eyes labeled for the salamander
c) We got some exercise!
d) Mailbox

a) We were discussing which way to go 
b) Picture perfect! Love Fall
c) The chickens were right at our feet. Brian and my dad kept picking corn and dropping it
d) Beautiful setup

a) selfies :)
b) It was stinky because there were so many apples on the ground because people pick them but don't take them. We didn't have a huge selection
c) Now there are some apples!

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Katie said...

I've never been to a corn maze but always wanted to go - it looks like fun!

Laura H said...

Oh, how fun! You are so lucky to have a beautiful back yard to enjoy the fall foliage. So jealous! I will enjoy fall through your page!

the florkens said...

I've always been pretty terrified of corn mazes -- maybe I've watched one too many scary movies, but I always imagine that I'd get lost and wouldn't be able to find my way out!


James A. Majors said...

I like how your family all gets together and does festive stuff. That's great. Your blog article makes me realize how I need to get my family out and do fun autumnal activities. I have been to a corn maze once and it was kind of fun. Thanks for sharing.

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