Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Engagement Story

I was reminded yesterday that I actually have not shared the story of Brian and I getting engaged. I'd love to say it was perfect, beautiful and all that good stuff, and while I wouldn't change the night for the world, it was more funny than anything. I actually still think back to the night and the proposal part doesn't seem real because everything else going on was just entertaining

Our anniversary is on February 15th. In 2010, a year after starting to date, we decided to spend two nights about an hour away from here. I think we chose something that far away because it was right on the border of Maine and we figured there'd be stuff to do. We went up Sunday afternoon, which was Valentines day. Got to our hotel and then headed out to dinner. While getting ready Brian kept acting weird. He put on his coat 20 minutes in advance and wouldn't budge from it. It was the dead of winter (no snow was on the ground though) but I found it odd Brian had to wear his jacket the whole time. Even during dinner. He kept saying he was cold. After dinner, we somehow came in contact with my aunt and uncle. They were staying at a hotel for the weekend which was about 20 minutes away. We decided to go visit. Brian was clinging to his jacket but, again, I payed little attention. We were going to spend this visiting time soaking in the pool and tub and just having fun. As I walk out the door behind my aunt, I turn back and see Brian and my two cousins huddled around the closet thing that's in the room. I was so confused. They were talking quietly and smiling, weird! I did hear Brian question whether they'd make absolutely sure the hotel door was locked. The night came and went after that point.

The next day, our actual anniversary. We spent the day out and about at some outlets. It was a perfect sunny day. We got back to the hotel around 5pm, which I then asked if we could go to dinner. We only picked up a few small things to eat since it was only a day of being there, so I was hungry! Nope, we had to wait. I was confused (although in my mind I already had a feeling of something). Brian proceeded to announce we had reservations at 8pm. I was shocked. Reservations at a regular old restaurant? I'd never heard of such a thing. We putted around for awhile. This is when Brian started getting weird. As I was getting ready he put on his jacket, again. It was a little chilly but there wasn't a need for a full-on winter jacket. He claimed he had to go make a call downstairs in the, you have a cell phone, make the call here. He kept insisting to go downstairs, so I let him go, with his jacket in toe. Finally we got into the car to go and he "had" to call to make sure the table would still be ready for us. So weird! At this point I had a hunch but didn't show it. We got there and the manger brings us over to our "special table". We sit and these were there

They were so nice :) As we sit the manager whispers "Congratulations" to giveaway! I could tell Brian was freaked at that point. He knew I had heard what was said, so he quickly changed the subject. We looked at our menus and ordered our food, nothing new right? Our waiter was really nice too. During the waiting time for our food it was awkward. Sometimes we don't talk alot at dinner so it wasn't new, but there was a separate vibe to this one. We got our food, which was excellent as always. I did notice that our waiter barely came over during the first half of our meal. Usually they come make sure it's cooked ok, but he didn't We weren't even halfway done our meal and finally he comes over, but not to ask how we're doing. This is how the 1 second conversation took place:

Waiter: "My manage has made you guys a nice cheesecake for dessert"

Me: "Oh, really? Thanks!" (as I sat there cringing yet being polite)

He left the table and I automatically look at Brian and burst out with

"I don't even like cheesecake!!"

I was NOT happy. I pretty much knew what was coming but seriously Let me finish my meal first and then make me something. Although it's silly, in that moment my other thought was that I'd have to pay for this cake that I didn't even like. Brian could tell I was beside myself (I'm a girl, what do you expect!) so he asked me then to break my tension. He was on the ground, with people around and me having to finish chewing a chicken finger (we aren't overly fancy :)) The moment was perfect. It was totally us. Except for the mere fact I could say I was engaged, the greatest part of that moment was that no one else in the restaurant acknowledged anything. The restaurant wasn't packed but there were people around us. I am not a center of attention girl, so I was glad no one clapped or anything. The moment expressed who i am perfect. A girl who just sits in a corner eating chicken. No fuss, no spotlight, just me

We started calling our families, who already knew. It's something we laugh about to this day. Oh, and the nicest part was that the manager paid our bill for us!

And as for that cheesecake, that didn't happen. I got chocolate instead!


Brianna Sherman said...

Loved your story! I should share mine someday! I'll have to put that on my "To Blog" list. :)

So funny that you guys were so awkward, ours was a little bit too. It makes the story so much more fun, right???

Haylee said...

I love this story! The nervousness you describe your fiance had is too sweet. Mine and Brent's story was a little awkward, too.

Kelsey said...

You got engaged and chocolate! Sounds like a perfect evening :) What a nice story too! I know it's been a while, but congrats!

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