Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Update!

Oh...Monday, it's you. How dare you interrupt my perfect weekend. The weekends that are awesome go by fast and the relaxing ones go by slow. Makes sense but it would be nice to reverse that every so often, anyone with me on that? Today's definition of "Monday" is that I have two midterms this week.  The thing about it is that both are fully writing. Essay questions and short answer. Yuck! At least give a few multiple choice...that makes us happy! 

Now onto the weekend. It was totally awesome. We werent busy every second of the weekend, so it was more of what we did that was perfect. On Friday Brian, my mom and dad were all working, which meant I was going to stay home alone for 3 hours. Not a big deal of course but for some reason I just wanted company this time and Bailey isnt much help after awhile. My mom was chatting with my grandmother earlier in the day and asked if I wanted to hang out with my her. My mom asked her and she instantly turned happy. My grandmother has been dealing with some financial/personal things  It's been getting her really stressed so the fact she'd have me as a distraction "saved her". She's the cutest. We sat and watched the game show Chain Reaction and then put Ellen on. Then we colored for a little while. As I've mentioned she and my mom and aunt love to make cards. She got out all her supplies and we made a card. It was so great spending time with just her. Saturday was a dad/daughter day because my mom and Brian were both working. First we went to the cemetery. That may not seem exactly fun but it kind of was. For my Human Geography class we have a mini group project. We had to go observe how a cemetery was cultural. What type of details were in the cemetery, whether it be the shape of the stones, whether there were plants, was there a wall or gate around the property. Things like that. And let me say, it was amazing to walk around snapping pictures of things I never would have thought about before. I'm really excited about the project and all my findings. After that we went to Kohls for my dad. "For my dad" being the key words. I started looking around though and in about 10 minutes had 6 items to go try on. I really wanted to resist but I just couldnt. I ended up leaving with 4 things which I'm in love with. And yesterday we went up to Maine for a quick trip and met some family. It was gorgeous!

a) the card we made. 
b) One of our favorite spots. It's on the side of a 2 mile walking path.
c and d) I hate taking selfies. They had amazing clothes this time!
e) I'm so picky when it comes to pizza and need light sauce. This was perfect!
f) We made Pumpkin spice muffins Saturday. So good!
g and h) I'm buy a second of each when my Kohls cash is activated Thursday. 

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heydanixo said...

pumpkin muffins!! I just made some banana chocolate chip muffins(:
Hope all is going well in school!

Heather Leigh @ Adifferent kind of woman said...

MMMM! I need to make some more pumpkin stuff!!! :) You'll ace your midterms for sure! Love ya!

Kylie said...

I love seeing pictures of you, you cute thing! And I totally can't resist stripes either, so good picks. :)

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