Monday, January 13, 2014

Inspire Me 2014 - Best advice for the New Year

Another day of Inspire Me 2014 has come! 

Today's prompt is: 
Monday January 13: Best advice for the New Year

Now that most of us have families, or will someday soon, we're realizing that life is becoming short and that each second of everyday is a gift that shouldn't be looked over lightly. Here are a few things that can be done fairly easily that can make you this year the best

1) Live in the moment. 
2) Don't worry about things that can be done tomorrow
3) Set some new goals
4) Go out of your comfort zone. Whether it be volunteering, making a new friend, doing an activity you wouldn't normally do
5) Take as many pictures as you can. While in your mind, capture them to look back on
6) Do a Random Act of Kindness
7) Say 'I love you' as much as you can
8) Laugh until your stomach hurts
9) Slow down and take a breather
10) Take a bubble bath a few times a week
11) Be patient. Things will happen in God's timing. 
12) Treat yourself to something. You work hard and there's no problem in getting a little pampered!

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