Thursday, January 16, 2014

Inspire Me 2014 Day 11 - Pictures of your winter wonderland

Today's prompt is:
 Take a photo of what your “winter wonderland” looks like.

Now, for some of you this one may seem silly because you live in places that barely see snow. Like my lovely co-host Lisa, who is sitting in 83 degree weather right now. Just a tad bit jealous.  Within the last month though, I've gotten to see so many gorgeous snapshots of other bloggers "winters" on Instagram. Even if it's snow on the mountains in the distance or a picture of them bundled up because the temperature dropped. 

I've had the honor all my life to live in New England. So snow is something that's become a beautiful sight each and everytime. Even if it's just a short storm, I can't help but pull my phone out to take a picture. Here are a few shots that I've taken this season

Endless inches

The possibilities are endless!

What about you? Do your winters contain snow or shorts and 80 degree weather? We'd love to know! 
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 photo 6fc67b01-5733-4863-870e-03edc4c96936_zpsde85251d.jpg 


Lulu G said...

Lovely pics. The last one is my favourite. : )

Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

Ashleigh said...

I love snow photos I really do!
However, if I am being honest I am glad I do not live there!
As much as I love snow photos I do not like being in the mess or freezing!
I am a water baby can you tell?

Rachel said...

Great "snow" photos! Loving your new layout, too! :)

Caitlin F. said...

Hi there! I came over here from the Northeast Bloggers Network January photography link-up. It looks like you're getting lots of snow where you're living... and the streets?! They look nonexistent!

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