Thursday, January 23, 2014

Inspire Me 2014 Challenge - Remember...always wear a bra!

Today's prompt for the Inspire Me 2014 challenge is kind of different. I took a chance in including it in our list but I think it could be kind of enjoyable

Today's prompt is:
Thursday January 23: Many new babies have been introduced into the blogging world in the last year. Tell us about one of the funniest moments you’ve had with them. *If you don't have a baby feel free to write about a funny moment your parents had with you.*

Neither Lisa nor I have children of course so we can't really answer this so I'd like to share one or two things that happened to me when I was a child.
1) Kmart - This particular thing wasn't funny at all at the time but now I think it's one of those moments to look back on and laugh at. My parents and I were at Kmart one day, when I was like 2, and I was sitting in the big part of the carriage with my dad standing next to it. I apparently wanted to get out so I took it upon myself to dive head first out of the carriage...and landed on my head. My dad wasn't expecting me to jump so when I did he couldn't hold on tight enough. Needless to say, a trip to the emergency room was in order. The assumption that the world is a child's playground was a little too true in this instance

2) Stealing - So stealing might not be the correct word when you are 5 or under. Curious..that's a better word! One day my mom and I were in the grocery store passing through the card/gift bag/ribbon isle. For a little girl all the bright colors of the bags/ribbon and the different shapes can be appealing. While my mom wasn't looking, I picked up a very small roll of ribbon to look at and then found myself putting it in my pocket. Obviously ribbon is such a fun toy. My mom paid for the groceries and we left...with the ribbon. I immediately told my mom what I had done because I apparently didn't even have a bad girl streak in me at that young age.

3) running away - So, everyone has done this which is why I wanted to include it. I "left" only wearing shorts, shoes and one of my mom's sweaters that you just throw over a t-shirt if you are cold. The sweater would have eaten me if it could have because it was so big. I took my purse and a bunch of stuffed animals and made it to the end of the driveway. Big dreams in this girl's future!

4) Excited - this one gets me embarrassed every time someone brings it up. Mostly because it's so random. I wasn't your typical child. When something exciting would happen I wouldn't vocalize my feelings, such as screaming or something. Instead, I'd be perfectly quiet and wale my hands and arms up and down. It kind of looked like I was flying! My family gave the motion the name "flap-a-duck". Embarrassing yes....

5) Always remember to wear a bra - this wasn't as big as other moments I've had but another reason to put on the list of why a male shouldn't dress a child. It was actually the day my grandmother died. I was in 4th grade at the time and had to go to school. My grandmother died early early that morning so my mom had to go be with her and my dad. My uncle came over to watch me and take me to school. I was excited! He told me I had to get dressed so we picked out an outfit and then I was on my way. Well, he put me in a white shirt, which was fine, but hadn't acknowledged that I needed to wear a bra so I didn't. And trust me, all of the woman that worked at the school noticed. Luckily I was too stupid at the time to even realize they were laughing at that. My mom was beside herself when she found out about it. And after that day I learned that one important lesson...always wear a bra no matter what!

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Now it's your turn! Tell us about your beautiful babies
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Dani said...

I like your stories. I haven't left the house in a while..nor have I worn a boobs are out too much.

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