Monday, July 15, 2013

Fashion Post! Favorite outfits for all seasons

Happy Monday loves! Today is not going to include all the overly exciting things we did this weekend because well, I'm pretty sure that going to the laundry mat, food shopping and trying to get the pool running isn't exactly part of the "exciting weekend" list. So, I'm going to mix it up and bring you a little fashion post. You're probably thinking, fashion? You? Ok maybe you aren't exactly thinking that but if you are, you arent wrong. I'm not sure I've dedicated even one post to fashion entirely. Reason being? I'm not big into fashion. At the moment I'm wearing capris and a shirt from 2004. Sure, my Kohls credit card has only had a 0 balance once in the last year but I'm not one to go on a big shopping spree. I hate spending even $15 for a shirt. Cheapo, I know!

Anyway, as I mentioned last week my sister in law Samantha, brother in law and beautiful niece are up visiting. In Brian's family they laugh because every time Samantha comes to visit she "brings" something with her. Tornado warnings and the type of weather are the biggest things. So we've been saying that this week they brought the heat. It's been 95 or something and will continue to be this upcoming week. They miss living up here for many reasons but one being the different seasons. Correct me if I'm wrong southern bloggers but Samantha always says how down there they basically have one or two seasons. She always says though how she wishes our niece could experience the fall and winter seasons too.

As I sat this weekend picking through clothes, I thought about what she said. As I've mentioned I always have trouble thinking of what to pack when Brian and I go down there because no matter what it'll be hot. It's hard when New England is in its winter prime because all my summer stuff is put away. I then thought about how I think I've only seen short sleeves for all of them when we go down there. Maybe sweatshirts but thats it. So today I'm putting myself in their shoes and thinking about the outfits I would love to have for each season.

What are your favorite outfits??


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