Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend recap - lakes dogs and babies

Whew! What a weekend. I have to say that I'm glad its Monday. I'm not sure if its the fact that I'm getting old (ok, maybe not exactly but it sure seems that way at times) or if was actually the business of the past 4 days. I cant remember the last time I've done as much as I did in just a days time. It was so much fun but by the time we got home last night at 10:30pm, I was totally done. 

The main event of our weekend was watching these two cuties

My Uncle, his parents and sister own a business. A printing shop. They all work there every single day of the week and have many other people on staff who are great! Every year my uncle's parents will pay for the whole shop plus the families to go stay up at the beach for 4th of July weekend. We used to go and its so fun! The hotel is right on the water so they have it made. When Brian and I started dating, my aunt recruted us to be the house/dog sitters and we love it. It gets tiring though. We sleep over which is fine but its hard to really go anywhere because we have to take care of them when we get up, have to go back at like 3pm and then get back for the night at like 10pm. All weekend we drove back and forth. Who knew dogs could be on a tighter schedule than humans?

On Thursday we headed to the lake. It was beautiful but HOT. Oh my gosh! We thought the sun was never going to go down. The temp reached 100 degrees. 

We took a few rides on the pontoon boat which felt so good. The first time my uncle drove. There were so many people on the lake that there were tons of waves. Everything was wonderful until a wave hit us the wrong way. It came up over the side and flooded the floor of the boat and we got all wet. It was refreshing but definitely a shocker. We werent sure if they fireworks were going to happen but they did! 5 houses did them. We all sat on the pontoon listening to Jason Maraz. 

On Saturday we unexpectedly went to the lake again. This time is was just my aunt and uncle, my parents, Brian and I. We had the boat and jetski. There was like no one on the water so we enjoyed it. We ordered dinner and sat on the boat and ate. 

Good life!

One thing I havent mentioned is that my sister in law, brother in law and beautiful niece are up here for the week. We are so excited! Every year Brian's grandmother has a cookout. Nothing big. Just Brian, myself, his mom, aunt and uncle and cousins. This year my SIL, BIL and niece got to join in! We had such a great time as always. Brian's grandfather is so nice and hospitable! We got rained out for about 3 hours. We took cover in the basement where we played games and ate and let the kids run free. Little balls of energy!

That was our fun filled weekend! I had started a H54F post but didnt have time to finish so here are pictures from last week

Yup he's a hunk! Sorry Brian...

This hand was part of a fake wooden was interesting to say the least!

We took my grandmother to the book store. I indulged in this...

Starbucks in the fav!


Tons of pictures I know! I hope you all also had a great weekend! 

Going to get a new phone today. Any suggestions?


Alex[andra] said...

Nice boat! Jet skis? That's awesome! I've never jet skiied but I've always wanted to.

Get the HTC One. Andrew and I have it and we love that phone!

crazyperfectlife said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Not much beats being on the lake!!
And you have to get the iPhone! You would love itt!!

Rachael SparkFire said...

Is the romance novel good?! I Love bookstores!!!! :) and so glad you had a lovey weekend. so sorry i haven't stopped by in a while. I HOPE YOU HAD THE MOST WONDERFUL MONDAY :) i emailed you last night btw. did you watch bachelorette tonight? my favorite four are the final four! :)

Kelsey said...

Sounds like quite the holiday weekend! Ours was pretty busy too. Those dogs are cuties! CASTLE! YES! You reminded me that I have one of the stories on audiobook. I'll have to dig that out one of these days. I have a Galaxy S3 and love it. Unless it breaks, I'll be using it for quite a while I think. I know that was a little late, but hope you like your new phone, whatever it is!

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