Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wedding Wednesday Link up- Cake!

Hello, everyone!

We are working all summer long to bring you some exciting link ups on one of your favorite topics-weddings! Kristen and I both have wonderful men in our lives (Kristen is engaged!) and enjoy talking about weddings together.  We thought we would join you in on the fun!

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Today's Trending Topic: CAKES!

Rachael's Cake Dream-Spiration:

To be honest, I never really understood all of the ho-hum about wedding cakes. 
I mean, it's just a cake, and you eat it, and then it's all over....right?
Well, the more you think about it, the more you realize this is the only day in your life where you 
will ever have so much control over every single detail in a party that celebrates your love. 
Why not have fun with it and run away with your theme and the celebration that only lasts a day!

I have always known that I wanted a nautical themed wedding. 
I don't know how crazy I will get when the time comes, but here are some cakes that 
inspire me...and my hunger!

This is like, my ultimate cake. 
However, no one would want to sit there and pick off all the shells. 
I know I wouldn't. 
One can dream!

I love the pastels in this cake. 
Although this probably would not fit with my wedding colors, 
you certainly could use the template design for something simple!

I think this is truly adorable, and kind of simple!
However, putting flowers on the cake can start to get expensive.
I have always been that kind of person who can't justify spending millions on something I will eat. 

This is simple and adorable! 
They are my favorite "animal" besides a seal. 

I love this...especially with the symbolism that the knot has!

This is probably my favorite cake...

with this being a close second! :)


Kristen's Cake-Spiration!

I'm pretty sure that picking out the cake for your wedding is one of the favorite parts of planning for any bride...and groom of course. I dont know much about cakes since I'm not a cake baker but know that the professionals can do wonders! From what I've been told, mixing and matching the cake with filling is always the fun part. If you arent a baker, you probably arent aware of the many types of cakes and fillings that can be combined. I sure wasnt aware until looking up different flavors on Google, and my goodness! But, I also trying looking up on Google what seems to be the most popular types of weddings cakes, I came to the realization (although I pretty much already knew it) that its really personal preference and that you could have tons of orders and none will be exactly the same. Some bridges ever base their whole wedding off of the cake, which makes the cake even more important. With those weddings though, the cake is usually way over the top

Although that can be great, I personally dont want that. My fiance and I havent talked about the cake yet but I'm pretty sure I know what I want. Once again, I'm simple. I want it to make a statement but have clean lines and just be something that people can say "wow" too. It wont be too big either since our guest list is under 100 people. Cakes seem to get pricey the higher the guests.
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