Monday, July 29, 2013

The one place where Crime + Funny can intertwine - TV edition!

If you came and took a look in my DVR right now, you'd find about 30% being shows Brian likes and the rest being my reality TV junky stuff. Things such as The Bachelorette, House Hunters, Four Weddings, Catfish and Guiliana and Bill. I like real people. I like being able to go on their twitters or facebooks or blogs or websites and see what they are actually doing. Being able to make the connection between the TV screen and real life. Plus I'm kind of a sucker for love and family.

My TV show selection is very limited and I'm very picky. We all are like that though. Stick to the same TV shows and sometimes the same types of shows. One thing I've never been into is crime or drama or honor or anything that has the word "murder" thrown around a hundred times in a 30 minute span. To me it's just creepy and leads to nightmares. Sure it's not real but we all have to admit that after watching a horror film, we have checked our doors a few extra times. 

My parents are into that stuff. Criminal Minds, Revenge and now my mom and Brian love the new show Motive. And then there's Castle. 

My parents started watching it a year and a half ago. It was something that I would peak at as I walked by the living room. I refused to give it a chance. Solving murders? Thats not fun or enjoyable. And then one night......they told me to give it a chance. Trying to please them I sat, I watched and by the end, I was hooked! They are so so funny. Each episode is something you can just watch over and over and never get tired of it. Because of the hilariousness of it, here are two videos that include a mixture of funny things they say. 

Enjoy your Monday :)


Holly Strother said...

I LOVE CASTLE!!!! I only started watching it a few months ago. My cousin told me about this site that has every episode streaming free online.

I was so excited when Beckett and Castle finally got together!!

Kelsey said...

Castle is awesome. I fell in love with Nathan Fillion by watching Firefly. Plus, I love murder mystery shows so I finally started watching it when I found out he was in it and of course loved it :) Haha, glad you like it too. I wish my bf would give it a chance! Our DVR is full of True Blood, Dexter, and Futurama because we haven't had any time to watch anything since the kiddo has been visiting. I miss TV!

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