Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Recap!

I'm kind of in denial that its Monday already! Anyone else feel the same? And to top it off it's already July 1st..blah! I feel like we were just celebrating Christmas. Most of us are already half way through summer break....time just needs to stand still for a bit so I dont have to go back to school. Last night i was watching some episodes of Gilmore Girls, one of my all time favorite shows! And in one of the episodes the words "Manic Monday" were used. And I couldn't help but think of the song.

Anyway, here was our weekend...

Friday: it continued to rain. It was promising for awhile but then bam. 2pm hit and the thunder started. I'm not one for thunderstorms. Rain is fine but thunder and lighting gets to me. And of course Brian just had to pick Friday to go register his car. He didn't get back until about 3 and needless to say I was SO glad! Luckily he had gotten me a Dairy Queen blizzard to make up for me being alone...I guess you can you say I'm a little spoiled! The storm lasted about an hour. I was sitting watching TV in my room and I looked out the window and saw the biggest lighting was crazy! Then it happened...the power went out! I was catching up on watching the Bachelorette too...perfect timing. The outage only lasted an hour and a half. In the meantime the sun made an appearance.

Bailey wasnt complaining! The sun was nice and warm. And yes, that blue thing is a snuggie...he stole it from me :)

We went out for dinner afterwards...cant go wrong with a buffet!

Saturday was basically stuff around the yard. We took Bailey for a walk since it was finally a beautiful day! The pool still isn't clear. My dad was told it was because of the rain. Hopefully it will be running soon. Summer isn't stopping for anyone. We made a pit stop at the lake

I cant get over how relaxing it is! 

We came home and played some games. Yahtzee and Mancala to be exact! So many childhood memories!

I was going through things downstairs and found this movie! We made some popcorn and watched it

Sunday we didn't do much. Dad and I ran a bunch of errands! Made a stop at Trader Joes...I cant go in there without wanting to buy tons of things. I have to thank my grandmother for that! We went and checked out the new Super Market Basket they opened. In replace of one regular store they closed, they are now putting in a Whole Foods. Anyone shop there? We have NONE here so this is really new to all of us!

We went and picked up some nice "wall art" if you will. I love them!

And lastly I bought another Boston shirt...

How was your weekends??

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heydanixo said...

OOOh what did ya get from Dairy Queen??

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I love that shirt.

My college roommates and I always used to play mancala!

Jennifer said...

Busy weekend! I love Blizzards. My favorite is the Strawberry CheeseQuake one.

Ren said...

What is Mancala?

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