Friday, July 26, 2013

Lets Get Creative

Happy Friday lovelies!! I havent had much new to report this week which is why I've been a little absent. A few highlights are we got the pool running and have used it every excited! Today it was 65 degrees, rainy/cloudy and seriously felt like fall. I truly enjoyed it.

Today is going to be about you instead of me babbling.

As you might have read back in June my 18 year old cousin/god sister graduated from high school. I seriously could not be more proud. She is one of the hardest workers I know and spent hours on end studying and doing homework so she could achieve all the wonderful A's she got. You can read my letter to her here. Anyway, my parents decided to put money as her gift. Then there was me. I dont normally buy any of my younger cousins presents. My name usually just goes with whatever my parents get. But this time was different. One of my best friends was doing something major. I pondered for months but nothing seemed good enough. Back in the winter when she got her acceptance letter to the school of her choice I said we'd go to dinner to celebrate but then we all got busy. Perfect! My gift would be to go out to celebrate going into college. Simple but something that is special to us. But then I got another idea...the day of her party to be exact, go figure! Make her a "things to survive in college" box. 

This is where you all come in. I've thought about it since that day and have a few small ideas but I wanted other opinions for you all. I figure that while whatever I'd pick is fine, there wouldnt be variety because it's all from me. Plus you all are so creative!

My main vision for the box:

Lets say you all were just starting back at freshman year. What kinds of things would help you to get through? Can be funny things, serious things, simple things. I want this to be a survival guide. Lets say its midnight and she hasnt finished studying, she takes a break and does what? Think back to your experiences. I dont want to spend tons of money but something that will fill a medium size box or so. Any websites, other bloggers, anything. 

I would love to get a bunch of ideas together so I can start to go shopping soon. That'd be a cool link up, huh? College survival guide..:)

So, please any ideas would be so helpful!! :) 


Alex[andra] said...

Shot glasses and alcohol. :) Unless she's too young. But that's what helped me get through University!

Rachael SparkFire said...

Some things I think would be fantastic: envelopes, stamps, slippers, and maybe a little gift card to Starbucks for late nights! :)

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