Friday, April 26, 2013

5 Random things about me

Happy Friday! It's beautiful out here and I hope it is there! I was tagged in my first 5 Random Facts About Me by my best friend!

When I eat, nothing on the plate can touch.  This is such a weird one I know. Its all going to same place but the taste if things are mixed grosses me out. I've always been like this. I even eat with a divider plate at dinner. For example, when I get spaghetti and meatballs, they cant touch. Who does that? That's why they are paired together, so that you can mix them. When we go to a party, forget it. I think i posted about my 8 year old cousins birthday a few weeks ago. They had so much good food. My first plate consisted of taco dip, nachos and veggies. Mys second plate consisted of 2 pieces of pizza. Now everyone else was putting the pizza on the same plate as everything else but nope, not me. I seriously could write a whole post just on my food habits. Its terrible
Photo by krissygirl13 • Instagram

Photo by krissygirl13

I have been holding a grudge for 2 years. This may not seem like a big deal to all of you but for me it is. I'm not the type of person that stays mad at people. I always forgive but never forget. I haven't had too many fights or battles with anyone in my life. Everyone is different, has a different personality and that's ok. If you ask anyone who has known me for years or my whole life for that matter, they would tell you I'm the nicest person. Giving to others and being as kind as possible. I'm even the type to apologize to someone when its not even my fault. The word "apologize" comes out of my mouth a little too much. But despite all that, I've never been mad or had a grudge toward someone for this long. The reason? There are 7 houses on our street. We are the first house on the right hand side. There is a little hill leading up to our houses. If you were to go down the hill and just keep going, you'd crash into a house

Well, there is a woman who live there with two kids and a husband/ex husband guy thing LOL. Everyone knows here. We have friends in two different houses that live almost across from her, plus friends that live across from us. What do we all call said woman in this house down the hill? Crazy lady. Yes thats right, Crazy Lady. I dont think I need to say much more about why I'm holding a grudge. I'm debating writing a post about  her just for laughs. I know its mean but seriously. Who wants to hear about it? :)

I have to be early, everywhere.  This is something I've been doing since I can remember  I think I get it from all my family members. We like to be on time to whatever we are going to. Its respectful and I dunno, that's just how I was taught. Its funny because my dad's sister and her family are never on time. We've resorted to telling her that a party starts at noon when it actually starts at 2. that way she's there on time. I've gotten a  little better with time but not fully. Last semester, I had a class that started at 6pm. I would be sitting in my seat by 5:40. dont ask me why. I think it was just a comfort. When we go places, if we are there just 5 minutes before, I freak. Does anyone else have this issue?

I'm French Canadian. I think it was my grandmother that came from Canada. Either way, both my mom's side and dad's side are pure french with a little something else mixed in. Dont ask me to speak French though. I took two french classes in high school. I passed them but forget everything. Funny story. When Brian and I first started dating, I said Je t'aime to him which means I love you. He thought it was a swear word

I hate when wet hair touches my shirt or when i have to put a shirt on over wet bathing suit. This might sound strange. First off, the hair. No matter where I am, I refuse to put a shirt on if my hair is dripping. It just feels gross. Second, the bathing suit. We go to the lake about every weekend. I only wear a bathing suit while riding the jetski and when I get off, I cant put a cover up on until I'm dry. Just something about clothes and wetness. Weird

Well, there you go. A few weird and random things you probably didnt know. Enjoy your weekend!


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Love these posts!! I love getting to know weird facts about other bloggers. :)

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