Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend + family = perfect!

I am truly surprised. Truly surprised with myself. Why you ask? I've been blogging for two months and haven't really talked about my family much. I love my family and they mean the world to me so I'm kind of shocked I haven't really mentioned them. Although, I did do a post that kind of sums up my feelings for them and also for the cousin who I look at as a brother, here.

I have a big, crazy family. My mom is the middle child out of five (those poor middle child!). So on her side I have 8 Aunts and Uncles. For cousins I have 14 of them.  Plus, I have my grandmother. Dont even get me started on the second, third and so on of cousins or aunts and uncles...way too much. My dad is one of four. 6 Aunts and Uncles there. And 15 cousins. And many second and third cousins there too.

We only see my parents siblings and those cousins. We get together with my dad's family more though because there are birthdays and we go jetskiing in the summer. When we get together, watch out..we can be kinda crazy. It's nothing over the top but sometimes just things that a stranger would look and say "oh goodness". Ok I lied, one of our favorite activities is sitting by the fire, the guys drinking and getting drunk (my dad has a beer or two but is the only one not drunk), and well, doing stupid things. My mom's side is a little tamer than my dad's!

This was the part I didn't want to write because I was having a hard time coming up with the words. I've met alot of different people in my life. Some say their family is dysfunctional  or some say that they barely talk to anyone in their family because of a family agreement. These are the most popular I've heard but I'm sure there so many more ways to describe a family. For myself, I hate the question "how would you describe your family" or something like that. If I were to be truthful, the only thing I could say is that they are perfect and we get along wonderful. But If I were to describe it to make it sound like I wasn't bragging, I would say that we have our moments  It's so hard to decide which way to describe it. No family is totally perfect, but I feel my family is pretty wonderful. We've had a disagreement or two but nothing that sticks and we are always there for each other and so close. I always feel bad for Brian because while his family is wonderful, they've ad lot of downs, some goods, but alot of downs. So when it comes to my family, he gets sad sometimes just seeing how close we are. I don't rub it in or make it seem like a big deal by any means. I absolutely love his family no matter what.

This weekend proved to be another successful gathering. On Saturday night we celebrated my cousin's 8th birthday. His actual birthday was on Easter! Dad's family of course. My cousins rent a  very nice hall and this year they got an actual D.J.  This was probably the best party yet. By the end of the party, it wasn't a child's party. Some of the songs that were played, my goodness!! We slowed danced and, as the little ones said, "busted moves". So today, I'm bringing you a few videos. I figured that its Monday, the day alot of us dread and so we need some good laughs and excitement to get the week going!! I cant stop laughing when watching these videos. And I'm hoping that maybe, although they are personal instead of things any of you might have already seen, these will make you smile a little too.

This first video is from Christmas with my Mom's family. We get together every year. We used to have a tradition of singing Christmas songs but that stopped when I was a teenager. This year though was funny. We told my cousin's girlfriend (now his fiance..yay!) that we sing Christmas songs. She didn't believe us. So, we proved it to her. She was embarrassed. She was supposed to be a "turtle dove" with  her boy but didn't want to be part of it. In the video it shows three people standing in the kitchen. Two guys and a girl..she's the girl. Its funny to see her laughing. I apologize for the quality too!

Terrible singing!! A side note: the two little boys who get up to dance, have made up their own words to gangnam style. Probably not the greatest words that they came up with but you can blame that on their Papa :)

These next few videos are from Saturday. I took them from my phone so they aren't overly amazing or anything but its funny. It was hilarious to watch all the little kiddos dancing..some of them have amazing moves. 

As I"m sure you can see in the front of the Conga line, a card-board cut out. And yes, it's of Justin Bieber. My cousin loves him so that was the theme of the party, you should of seen the invite..hilarious!

I think this video has gangnam style in family loves that song as you can see!

This was the last song of the night...we were all kind of crazy...but dont worry, no one was drunk!

So as I said, this post is basically for myself to be able to remember this fun family time. I hope you got a little smile out of it too!

Come back in the morning for the recipe for White Chocolate Covered Popcorn!


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