Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! Today I wanted to share a few things that I'm loving

This picture

. I HATE pictures of myself but my mom was able to capture is so nicely!

I chose three classes for Fall. I'm so bummed before I was hoping to continue my streak of taking 1 summer class and then two in the fall. Biology had been our target but unfortunately  they offered it from either 8am-noon or 6:30pm-10:30pm during the summer. Yea, that aint happening. So what have I decided on? 

1) Human Relations
2) Human Geography
3) Class, Status, and Power

They sound interesting but we'll see. Have any of you taken a class like these?

This girl

Seriously, isnt she the cutest?! 

Bath and Body Works:
I could be in that store for hours!

I love these sanitizers. As Ive said I am a little OCD, so I like to use hand sanitizer alot but hate the smell of the general ones but these...the best smells. Its a win-win

I love lip gloss! When we went into the store I was looking at the regular ones and the lady brought me over to these. She said that while its a lip gloss it also moisturizers your lips or something. I'm actually loving it better!

And this video:

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


heydanixo said...

I haven't heard of any of those classes hahah. Oh and I am the pricess of bath and body works. My fiance (wow I'm not used to writing that yet) says I should own stock in the company. As soon as they come out with a credit card I'm signing up! What is your favorite scent? (:

Kimbra said...

<3 Kimbra

KrissyGirl said...

Happy Hump Day!! Its beautiful and so warm out too so that makes it even better :)

KrissyGirl said...

Haha, I'm a little nervous about the classes. They seem interesting but I've never done anything like them so we'll see! I used to go to Bath and Body works to get the lotions but that was it but now I'm obsessed. Ah, yes...fiance. It took me awhile to get used to saying that also :) Lol he's funny. Every girl needs to pamper herself and what better way then there? I like the fruity ones. The lip gloss is watermelon. My favorite lotion is sweet pea. What about yours?

heydanixo said...

oh I am obsessed with pink chiffon and glowing cashmier (:

KrissyGirl said...

I will have to try those, they sound great. I"m pretty sure that if you and I got together we'd wipe their store out :).

I sent you an email also

Alex[andra] said...

Great photos! That little girl seriously is cute!

Class, status and power sounds like a Law class that Andrew took (he graduated with a degree in law & society). Or was it a History class he took? I don't even know lol. But I know he took something like that. Good luck with it! What are you hoping to get a degree in?

Angela said...

I also loveeeee hand sanitizer. :)

Annastasia zink said...

nice post, I have not taken any of those courses but the last one about class and power sounds promising, hopefully it wont come with a big class load. Isn't scheduling classes the worst though? going through that exact situation now ughh.
-Annastasia xox

Anonymous said...

I love that hand sanitizer... I always have one with me.

KrissyGirl said...

It sounds interesting. I didnt have an option since they are getting rid of the class after the fall semester. Choosing classes doesnt make me happy. What classes are you wanting to take?

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