Thursday, April 11, 2013

What havent I done?

I was totally planning a post for today but then thought that I wanted to put more into it. So now its sitting all alone in my drafts waiting to be finished. So although its not a true link up today, I wanted to do another "Never Have I Ever" post. Are you getting sick of them yet?..Just kidding, I think! Anyway, I love getting to know people and when I'm chatting with them, they tend to tell me things they've done or places they've been. Thats wonderful and all but I also like to mix it up and learn things they haven't done. Everyone has two sides to them. So, that's why I like doing this type of post

Never Have I Ever...

Been to another country.
I would love to travel somewhere just to see the world and experience so many new things. Everything is an adventure and I'd love to be apart of that! I have been to the Bahamas. Its not a country but can I count that? Either way, I did a post on that here

Been in a small plane
I'm 99% sure that if Brian saw this, he laugh and say that I'll be in one soon. It's true though; no small planes, helicopters or anything of the sort. I'm not maybe a little scared. I'll probably get up there just to say I've experienced it and maybe I'll even like it. I'm actually kind of excited though because I'm hoping that one of these days, we can meet up with my bloggy friend Alex and her boyfriend Andrew who owns two planes of his own and all fly together!

Been Skydiving
I thought of this one because of the last one. But, no, I have never been and I probably never will. I'm a thrill seaker but that much of one. Its fun to watch though. There's an airport/runway thing not far from us that does skydiving. We used to go watch all the was so cool to see all the people coming down from the sky...the colors of the parachutes are pretty too :) Back in 2011, my dad, cousin and my cousins sister actually did it and it was amazing to see. 

Thats my dad!

Understood my Hair
Why my hair always looks amazing for the rest of the night after a haircut/highlight and then goes back to looking blah the next day. Granted, its so much softer and feels cleaner and healthier but just the look of it. Its also not helping that its at the middle stage of growing. Not long not short which makes it even worse. I know, I posted about hair yesterday..I promise I'm not obsessed with it

Imagined there would be so many amazing woman out there
I haven't always had many friends. Sure in high school I had alot but once school ended for the day I didn't see them, talk to them or anything. I only have selected few that I can say are my true friends. But in the bloggy world, oh my goodness. I started this blog for myself. I love to write and thought this was a great outlet for that. Its only been two months and I  have made some of the best friends I could have ever asked for and I hope that we can continue these friendships for a long time, even outside of the blog world. 

Been more excited than I am right now
In just over a month, Brian and I will be heading to Louisiana to spend a week with this wonderful little girl

Been able to do my own nails successfully
Who else is with me on this? I feel like I'm the only one who can accomplish this! Hopefully today though my mom and I are going to get them done so that'll be exciting :)

It's time for school so thats all I got for today! 

I did want to mention that you can find me on Instagram and Facebook. Let me know if you'd like the links. For facebook, like the minute after adding the follow button, I got a lovely creepy comment from someone who I dont want any contact with, so feel free to follow or just add me in general. I'm debating whether to keep the follow button or not because I'd prefer to have no more bad stuff happen!


Jamie Lauren Felicity said...

I went skydiving this summer in Switzerland. If you can go, do it!! It's amazing.

Natashya said...

Whoa, sorry about the creepy incident. Talk about a way to spice up your morning, though. It's not every day that you have a random bloke saying, "Hey there, hot stuff! Let's follow each other around in circles, throwing metaphorical daisies over our shoulders, and pretending that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this situation!"

Not that that's what actually happened to you. And NOT that there's ANYTHING wrong with scattering happiness and flowers about your path- I like to think that I do that on a regular occasion. But maybe don't get lost with strangers and walk around in circles with them, eh?


Alex[andra] said...

Awww!! You're so sweet for mentioning me and Andrew in your blog! Thank you! :) You and Brian will definitely have to come flying with Andrew and I! Or you guys can come to Canada. :p

That is an awesome picture of your dad btw!

I also suck at doing my nails. And I don't always want to spend money to get them done professionally. Boo. :(

Amanda @ The Barstows: Our Little House on the {West Texas} Prairie said...

I have given up on the nails but if you ever figure out the secret to hair, feel free to share! :) And you're more of a thrill seeker than I, I am a super paranoid person so even leaving the country sounds scary to me (of course watching all those scary movies where people never make it back to the U.S. probably doesn't help :))

Anonymous said...

I can NOT do my own nails. It is actually kind of pathetic. I go without rather than try and paint them myself a lot of times!

Candice @ Just Stay Lovely said...

ahh i love thees posts! I totally suck at painting my own nails.. not to mention getting my nails done is kinda a guilty pleasure of mine I go every few weeks:)

yay for the bloggyworld! Isn't it a great place???

have a great weekend!!

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