Friday, April 19, 2013


It's Friday. Unfortunately, today I cant say "Happy Friday" This week has been full of mixed emotions and the TV most of the day, everyday. Today, well, has turned into another tragic day. I pray for the MIT officer that got killed and his family, the T person that got badly injured and his family and well, as terrible as it sounds, I want to pray for the suspects. One has died and the other on the run right now. I pray for all the people who live in these areas and that they are safe in their homes. My aunt works at one of the hospitals in Boston and is working today, right now as a matter of fact. So its scary to think whats going on around there. 

Our awesome city/town had a suspicious bag found at a business 10 minutes from us this morning. Police and the bomb squad were there. Luckily its not anything...thank God! The power of prayer is an amazing thing. 

I dont have much to write so I figured I'd do some Friday Letters

Dear Weather. It says its 70 degrees out yet cloudy. Sun, please show yourself so it can become a beautiful day

Dear Boston

and Although I'm not fond of hockey, I did watch the tribute the Boston Bruins did at their game Wednesday. So touching

Dear girl in Abnormal Psych. While I truly respect discussions and questions, I'm not paying $650 to have you teach the class. When our teacher is asked a question, please let her answer. Thanks

Dear cousin. Thank you so incredibly much for picking me up from school yesterday and hanging out with me. Its those type of times that make me feel special

Dear best friends. Last night's dinner was wonderful! It's amazing how strong our friendship after 20 years!

Dear readers. You all are awesome and I feel so lucky to have you all as friends

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I will be spending my day watching TV and praying for all of Boston. 



Anonymous said...

Hahaha I hate rude students in class! Some are just way too outspoken. Just let the teacher teach!

Alex[andra] said...

Did you hear about the suspects' aunt? She's from Toronto, which makes me hope Toronto won't get a bad wrap. I can't believe she's defending them! I don't about you, but if I'm innocent, I'm not going to run, let alone turn around and shoot at police officers, and kill one! To me, their behaviour just shows that they're guilty. I hope the other brother gets caught!

Have a great weekend!

Leslie Germain said...

Hello Kirsten. I am your new follower from the GFC hop. Would love for you to stop by and say hi.

Heather Nelsen said...

Yes it really has been a sad and scary week. The more the comes out in the press, the more bazaar the whole thing becomes. :/

On a brighter note- you crack me up with "letter to girl in abnormal psych"- hahah!

Have a great weekend, Kristen!


Raeven said...

It has been a crazy week, not only with all that in Boston but with the place in West Texas. I'm praying for all that are involved and for this country as a whole.

I'm glad you're safe and sound, though! And the girl in Abnormal Psych - I always HATED those people in class. Seriously, just hush!

Jennifer said...

Hi Kristen, I came here through the Meet and Greet. I like your blog. This post is great, I would feel the same way about the girl in Abnormal Psych! Sheesh. I'm assuming you live in the Boston area? I'm glad you're safe. My husband and I now live in New Mexico but we both went to college in Worcester so this whole thing has been sort of close to home for us too. I'm following your blog and looking forward to reading more. If you'd like to stop by my blog, it's at :)

mail4rosey said...

We have friends right there who were locked in their house waiting. I'm glad the sad tragedy is over.

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