Friday, April 5, 2013

Favorites on Friday

Yay for Friday!! I hope you've all had a wonderful week. After yesterdays Statistics test I'm so ready for the weekend. I know I mention Statistics alot but seriously, this class is NO joke. For once in my college experience, I will actually be saying "thank goodness its over" at the end of the semester!!

Enough complaining though! Because I was in a tired-ish/bad moon when being done with the test< i decided to relax at home and do the one thing that cures bad moods (well, besides chocolate of course!). That would be putting on country music! I'm not from the south (which doesn't matter but still) and I'm more of a girly girl but I've been listening to country music for as long as I can remember. Granted the country music from the 90s is alot different than the music now! There's a local station that my mom loves to listen to. It plays just a variety of genres. I love this station. I especially love this lady:


I'm sure none of you know who this is. She has a spot every weekday from 7pm-midnight and is AMAZING. While I love all the music, chit-chatting and everything a radio station is during the day, I find myself feeling calm and relaxed while listening to her. She's known as the "queen of sappy love songs" All night she takes calls and letters from different people around the US. Whether its dedicating a song to the love of someone's life, or just to say thank you for helping the person see clarity, Delilah has all the answers and plays the perfect song for that person. She gives advice, compassion, love and so much more. She has two books too which I have. They are full of her own personal journey through life and with the Lord and also talks about the people that call in. 

Ok I'm getting off topic but seriously, even if it doesn't stick, you need to listen at least once. I haven't done it and probably never will because i don't sit and listen to her every night, but a relaxing night, wine and her seems pretty perfect!

Anyway, back to country music. I love it because I'm able to connect to it. Alot of the other genres are hard to truly deeply connect too but country is different. I love that most of the songs I listen to relate to some point in my life. 

So because I can...last night I was loving these:

Lets talk about how much I love Blake Shelton. Brian and I went to see Brad Paisley in concert in 2011 and Blake was on first. Seriously fell in love with him. He's the funniest guy, we couldn't stop laughing!

What do you all think of The Voice? Have you been watching?!

This may be a few years old but I cant help but love it. The chorus is just a reminder to stop a moment and take each moment and day in and make sure you embrace everyone and everything in your life. Or at least, that's how I see it

I absolutely love her! Who used to watch One Tree Hill? If you did, you know she was on for 3 seasons and started her signing quest in the last season. I just adore her :)

She's just my favorite!! Every since she first won American Idol, she's been at the top of my list! She gorgeous and just overall a wonderful person and artist

Speaking of American Idol...who watches it and what do you think??? Our favorite is Lazaro. He's amazing in just the way he stutters while he talks but sings so great! Unfortunately, I have to say I feel that some people might just feel sorry for him. He hasn't had the greatest performances lately but I'd love to see him go all the way or at least to the top three!! Janelle is my other favorite. Country girl, gorgeous and is always smiling..cant get any better!!!  And Nicki Minaj...seriously? She's so weird that its funny. I actually enjoy watching her. 

Speaking of her, have you seen those two little British girls on Ellen? Brian and my Mom aren't fond of them but my dad and I die laughing every time. They are the cutest things, reminding me of my own little cousins. What they say is hilarious, honest and so innocent.

Seriously adorable!!!

So, those are my favorites for today!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)


Alex[andra] said...

Unfortunately, I'm not a country music fan. Nor do I watch American Idol. I was watching New Girl last night and at the commercials, they kept having these "Behind the scenes" of American Idol and I was completely lost!

I hope you did well on your test!

Have a great weekend!

Suzzie V said...

uhh I think I published a blank comment sorry about that. weird things happen when I use my phone. anyways. stats can be a b. I love it so much because I'm a total nerd but if you have a bad teacher its so hard. so good luck!

Rachael SparkFire said...

Country is my absolute favorite! Funny thing is I used to hate, so I did a full 360 :)

Adrienne Clark said...

I absolutely hate statistics! UGH!!!!! probably as much as physics! yuck! Not a country music fan either but love those little girls! Their Ellen appearances are always So cute!!

Amanda @ The Barstows: Our Little House on the {West Texas} Prairie said...

Country music is very easy to connect to for me as well, and sometimes I feel that works to my advantage but I try and stay away from it if I'm in a down mood cuz then I just end up throwing myself a huge pity party while listening to depressing songs!

Natashya said...

I don't really do country music, American Idol, or math, but I wish you joy and happiness in all of those areas! Math is probably one of my top ten enemies. I will think very happy thoughts for you. I also will eat some jelly beans in your honor.

I hope you did splendidly on your test!


Jenna DeSantis said...

I've watched these two little girls so many times on Ellen! Love them, they are so entertaining lol..

XO Jenna

crazyperfectlife said...

First of all I never knew Deliha looked like that! I love listening to here, but the boyfriend always makes fun of me!! And nothing is better than country music!!
We will both be so happy when this semester is over!

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