Monday, April 22, 2013

I love him but....

I may not know everything but I know I love Brian. I love everything about him and have learned to accept his habits and flaws. This was a big issue for me when we first started dating and when we first moved back in with my parents. 

Before Brian I had a boyfriend. First boyfriend ever so you can imagine I was all gitty about it. I was 17 and still kinda stupid, so when going into this relationship I had my eyes set on how I saw this guy. He was going to be the perfect gentleman and everything. But nope, that didnt happen. To be honest, the relationship was terrible but because of his attitude I couldn't get out of it right away. I thought I could change him. Change the way he talked, the way he presented himself, the way he treated me and so on. Something I learned the hard way, I cant change anybody. I think we all have that though in our mind when we first start in a relationship  Am I right? When I started dating Brian it was totally different. Here was a perfect guy. He was nice, had a decent job, did everything for me. 

We kind of jumped into living together fast. It was only a few short months before I moved in with him, his dad and grandmother. I've been told that you don't really know someone until you move in with them. That was right. I think I've learned more about Brian's habits and flaws living here with my parents though. Everyone has their flaws but that doesn't make them who they are. I've learned that over the last few years. Sometimes we argue and sometimes I get really frustrated but I still love Brian. I've actually started to like doing the things that Brian wont do or leaves for me to do. 

So today, while I love Brian to death, I want to share a few of the things that I've learned to just let go of. I'm in the mood to pick on him a little :)

Disorganization-party of 1. Ok maybe that's mean but its true. Brian has admitted it...he's totally disorganized.  He has ADHD which means the whole being neat and organized doesn't come easily. While I'm sitting over here freaking out if there's a sock on the floor. Ok maybe I'm exaggerating but you get the picture. This is something that at first i would get furious about. Brian works, Brian flies; he gets tired when he comes home. I get that but it only takes two seconds to put a shirt in the closet. He leaves clothes everywhere in my room. Luckily it only stays in my room but still. I have this storage seat thing and sometimes clothes are pilled so high, they fall over. I've seen this used alot but its like when the laundry basket is two steps away yet they drop the shirt on the floor right next to it. I don't mind cleaning, its actually relaxing but I think just the thought that it would of taken him two extra seconds to put something away is what gets to me. One of his famous lines is "I'll put it away tomorrow . Um, ok but all your doing right now is playing video games or are on the computer....It seems everything else is left out too. All of his flying stuff, oh my goodness. There are papers everywhere in the house. Left on tables, the computer desk. Its nuts. Back to the clothes thing for a second. I get up at 7 am for school and while its a little early for me, I dont mind making my bed and cleaning up so my room looks presentable for the day.   Brian will come on the computer so I can do it. When I get home at 3pm, the room has papers or clothes or whatever else around it. You'd think that just the fact that I was nice enough to do it and not ask would make him think to keep it nice, right? I wish I could be a fly in Brian's head to see what he's thinking when he gets up and leaves it all there

"There's no reason to be upset" 
Oh my goodness!! I HATE hearing this. I'm a girl, I"m emotional. Sometimes when something stresses me out or gets me frustrated, I have to let it out. Is there anything wrong with that? We're girls, that's what we do...I think? Instead of giving me a hug or comforting me, he'll say "why are you upset? There's no reason to be" Thats the last thing a girl wants to hear. Its like, let me have my moment, give me a hug and in 10 minutes I'll be ok. 

Over and over I promise myself never to take Brian shopping  He hates it. Its funny because when I have to stop at the grocery store I always tell him to wait int he car. he gets mad sometimes but if I"m just going for a thing or two it will take 5 extra minutes with him walking so slow. The mall, don't even get me started. He'll go if my cousin is with us but just with me? Never. After 5 minutes he'll ask if I'm done. We went to the Christmas Tree Shop the other day and he was bored after a minute or two. I kept saying "I'm not done yet, hold on" While I would like to go shopping with my fiance, in reality, its better if I do. Now, give him a hockey/stores or flying store and we're all set. I'm nice enough to just stand and wait :)

Time is something Brian doesn't know too well. My family likes to be on time. Even early. If the party starts at 2:00, we're there at 1:45. It just shows respect and we like to help out before hand if we can. I actually laugh when Brian is late for work or for something important now. He's the type of guy that will be playing video games or will be on the computer all morning and then 15 minutes before he has to leave he'll take a shower. I'm pretty sure, watching a recap of the bruins game can wait until you get home! Its funny because today, time wasn't his friend. My mom and I had went shopping this morning and then picked up pizza for lunch. I called Brian when we were 10 minutes away and gave him a 2 minute warning. Figuring that by his calculations he'll be out by the 10 minute mark. Was he? No. It takes a minute to put on shoes and come out. didnt happen. We're used to it by now though. 

So, those are just a few of my top things. While they do get me upset, I always cant help but love them. Now for a few laughs, I hope!

I hope you all had a great weekend! 


Alex[andra] said...

The cleaning and the time thing is an issue that every guy has. As for the shopping? That's most guys. Andrew isn't one of them. When Andrew comes shopping with me, I'm the one who ends up saying, "Omg, can we go now? Why do you have to take so long?"

Have I mentioned that I hate shopping? I think I was a guy in my previous life. But a clean one. I NEED everything around me to be clean lol

Jennifer said...

I think he will probably grow out of some of this as he gets older. It sounds like some of it is just a maturity thing. Boys take a lot longer to grow up than girls do in some ways, I'm sure he'll catch up soon. :)

Kimbra said...

Oh my goodness, I am sorry but I couldn't help but laugh as I read this, especially about the cleaning and being late my husband never cleans, he is king procrastinator, he is late every where.

Dani said...

As much as I love my husband his cleaning skills need a lot of help. And don't get me started on taking him shopping. He always seems to wander away from me.

Raeven said...

I think everyone has to learn the lesson about changing people the hard way. At least you learned it though!

All of this had me cracking up. I'm a little bit messy and disorganized, but I know where everything is. When someone comes in and starts moving things around, it STRESSES ME OUT!

heydanixo said...

dang I could not imagine my Eric not going shopping with me lol. He is always joking around saying I need a girlfriend but he always comes with me.

KrissyGirl said...

Haha, I get a kick out of it myself :) While it gets on my nerves, I cant help but laugh because its so silly. Very random but its like when you bump your funny bone. Its not funny because it hurts but it is funny because thats what its meant for. Probably a weird comparison but it popped into my head! Procrastination is something that is known a little too well in this house. I understand being late if theres a good reason but come on, I'm a girl so it should take more time getting ready yet it takes my fiance twice as long.

I can only imagine the pair theyd make if this stuff was put in front of both of them together. Maybe they can learn together :)

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