Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day weekend recap

The problem with writing this post is that it means summer is over and take is the first day of reality again! Luckily though, we spent our last summer weekend having tons of fun. On Sunday we went over to my aunt and uncles. They will be moving in just a few days so we helped them back. A few blog friends have been moving/will be moving soon and I give them so much credit. Packing is exhausting! Anyway, as some of you have seen already, we went on a mini vaca. We left Thursday and came back Saturday. Doesnt seem long, huh? We had so much fun and the length of time didnt matter since we were in our favorite place

I've mentioned many times how Maine is my second home. My parents, grandmother and I went up every summer when I was a teenager and stayed at one of the two places we love. Sure we did the same things every time we went but it was tradition and we looked forward to it. This time we stayed at a new place. So so nice! If any of you decide to take a trip up to Maine, I have so many places to recommend! 

We got there in the afternoon on Thursday but the weather wasnt exactly beach like. Cloudy and cold, so we decided to go to dinner and spend time by the pool, outdoor hot tub and the Roman Spa. A salt water roman spa, oh it was heaven! We went back to our room and played garbage. I'm sure all of you have no idea what it is. It's a card game that's so much fun! Especially when you have people to play with. Perfect get together game!


I hate indoor pictures! Always come out blurry!

View from our room balcony

I was the first to get Yahtzee and totally won the whole game!

On Friday it was a beautiful day for the beach!! The water was a little chilly but my mom and I braved it and had fun in the waves. Brian was chicken unfortunately. Brian and I got sun burnt also. I looked like a lobster all weekend! 

Someone made an airplane! It was cool

On Friday night we went to our favorite place. It's called Perkins Cove. It's right on the water. Has a few restaurants and shops up and down the little streets. Such a cute place!

Our favorite! 

I took a picture of each trolley I saw. They all have different names!

Way to sun burnt!

Way too many pictures, I know! It was just so great. I'm excited to read about all of your weekends! Today is the first day of class. Wish me luck

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Alex[andra] said...

You can never have too many pictures!

That looks like such a nice place to go! I've never been to a spa. I totally half too.

I love the plane sandcastle!

Musings of a Childless Mama said...

HI KRistin! I came from Sami's blog:) You are my link up neighbour! It sounds like you had a great weekend! I would love to visit Maine:) It looks so pretty. It sounds like you had a great wknd. Please come and visit my blog if you get the chance!

Kylie said...

I think I might have played Garbage before! It looks a lot like a game my family plays, but we call it Baseball.

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog post today! School has been great so far. I hope it's been great for you too!

Email me if you'd like to do a button swap!


crazyperfectlife said...

On to be at the beach! That would be a nice! Looks like you had a great weekend!

Brianna Sherman said...

I hope your first day of school went well. We haven't started packing yet. I keep putting it off...probably not good. lol.

Rachael SparkFire said...

I cannot tell you enough how much I am still LOVING on your new blog design! It suits you, and I love that baby soft pink! PS I am emailing you in a bit! I loved looking at all the photos on your blog. personal photos are something you are fabulous at doing and me not so much, so I live vicariously through you! That candy shop looks delicious, and boy do I wish I were in that jacuzzi haha! :) It looks like you got some sun, too! I hope you are enjoying yourself! :)

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