Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Post Exchange Program

Happy Wednesday Friends!! Today I'm so excited to briefly talk about a program I particpated in this past month.

When I first started blogging, I wont lie, a part of me was kind of excited to see the number on my follower's widget rise. Yes, this blog was mostly for me. A place to vent or share an experience. I love to write in general and am not good with expressing emotions verbally sometimes so what's better than being able to do what I love and also, hopefully, inspire others and make friendships at the same time. At first it was great to just be able to email other bloggers/woman and chat about things we had in common or give advice. But then I started to form a few great great relationships. Yes, this whole thing is online so you could feel a little nervous about connecting with others outside the blogging world or even just in general though here, social media or email. For me though, if you become a friend through blogging, you are a real life friend. I talk to one of you about everyday outside the blogging world and am so grateful for that. Now the next step. Because most of us cant have blates yet, second best would be mail, right? I know that I love getting cards or thoughtful boxes from friends. Put that together with a great blogging friend and I'm happy. Until this program, I actually have done swaps yet. Partly because no one knows about my blog so getting a giant box in the mail might seen weird (i'm working on it though, then feel free to send me all the goodies you want. I"m just kidding!)

Just within the last few months I came across Chelsee's blog. She is the sweetest and if you haven't already go check her out! She did a post about a program called


Basically you sign up at the end of the month, get to know your partner and send some snail mail or a nice little gift of encouragement. It sounded like such a nice idea so I signed up. Chelsee and I had exchanged a few emails due to comments left on posts. Little did we know we'd be paired up. 

I was so excited because I kind of already knew her a little and how sweet she was. I was also a little intimated. Here's a beautiful, smart, and awesome blogger who has over 700 followers. and here I was with under 100 at the time. Would she not like talking to me? Would she just say a word or two in her emails? She was/is so busy with personal stuff and blogging in general that she wouldn't be commenting on my blog posts. Needless to say, I was nervous. Not Chelsee though. Like I said, the sweetest! She even made m the offer to sponsor her blog and I cant wait to begin doing that! 

So, I'll let her take it away and introduce herself:

Hello Kristen's readers! My name is Chelsee and I blog over at Southern Beauty Guide! I am a Beauty/Lifestyle Blogger that is currently studying hard for the LSAT and working towards applying to Law School. I have a B.S. Degree in Political Science, and I am also a makeup artists. I love giving readers honest reviews and tips about Beauty Products. I also write about my everyday life, as well a pretty much everything else. I hope that if you get a change that you stop by and check out my blog! 

I"m sure most of you follower her but again, if not, I definitely recommend checking her out. And if you'd like to sign up for October swaps go visit Jacquelyn's blog!


Jacquelyn Wheeler said...

Thanks for joining and for the awesome sharing is caring post, Kristen! I'm glad you and Chelsee had a good time. I was paired with Chelsee in a Cara Box and we've stayed friends since!

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