Thursday, September 5, 2013

Topic of Conversation - a link up

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Today's question is:

I'd say so far this year has been blessed, surprising and challenging.

I'd say blessed is probably the most important one because it kind of wraps the other two together. When I got out of high school I decided not to go to college right away. Because of issues I had senior year, I was done. I needed a break. I already had what I wanted to study in my mind. After meeting Brian and moving in with him, I went to a community college there for one semester. It wasnt bad, the teachers were nice and I liked the classes I had taken. But something was missing. The friendly, at home type of feeling. The school wasn't in tip top shape, the disability department was crap. I thought to myself all through the semester "What did I get myself into?" Here I was an hour from home, without my parents, paid alot of money, and now I had to deal. I felt trapped. The major I chose started seeming like something silly, although it was Hospitality, so it wasn't bad. I had made my choice to move there and so I was stuck. But then one day Brian came to me and mentioned that he wasnt happy. I agreed. So we both made the decision to move back here with my parents. Best.decision.ever! I was on the community college's website at I'm at now in June. We hadnt even changed our addresses yet! This is the best college. Everyone and everything is great. After a few semesters there i decided to change my major to Psychology. Perfect. One of the other colleges is teaming up with this one which means I can stay at the community college after getting my associates but be enrolled with the other college. I take 10 credits and I get my bachelors. Couldnt be more blessed. Ever since moving here and going to this school, Brian and I have so many goals in mind that we never would have expected. Little things happen everyday that we realize are leading up to these big goals. We've been praying for these things and it's amazing to watch them slowly but surely happening. Like this year: surprising. After two years Brian finally got his pilots license. Something that seemed like it would never happen. And then he discovered a school that has two aviation majors. These weren't exactly what he thought he'd want to do with aviation but he's actually really excited about it! And then there's me who's alot closer to finding a job. There are some propects in the works. This year has also been challenging. More so for me. Spring semester was like no other. I was pushed to my limits and almost gave up a few times. But no, I stuck with it and it ended with a surprisingly awesome outcome. We will have challenges along the way. The result of them and how it'll affect our future depends on how we handle them. I'm ready for these and to see what the next few years brings!

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 Do you try to reflect at least once a day?
Do you like having a girls day and just talking for hours?

Do you like giving encouragement to others?

If you answered yes to any of these than this link up is for you!


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