Monday, December 23, 2013

Is it really December?!

I promise I'm not crazy. Want to know what is, though? This weather! It was perfect this weekend. Saturday was cloudy and misty but was in the high 50s. The streets have been covered with slush, water and dirt since Friday when the snow started melting. Yesterday it rained all day and felt colder than it was. 

Despite that we went out and did some last minute shopping. It's kind of difficult to get around parking lots when there are crazy drivers plus a bunch of piles of snow! Yesterday morning we got up wicked early and went to my 8 year old cousin's hockey game and then to eat at a local waffle house, yum! Oh! and on Friday I spend the after afternoon/early evening with my grandmother. We had such a nice time. Watching the movie "The Christmas Shoes", having dinner, watching some Michael Buble holiday shows and doing a few crafts. 

a) saw this at the mall. Perfect for this time of year
b) my grandmother has amazing taste in decor and candles for her condo. This candle smelt so good and it's blue :)
c) Feel so loved with all our Christmas cards!
d) a sleigh I got for my first Christmas from someone who meant so much but left us much too soon. Such a special meaning behind it
e) so delicious! How could I ever say no to a waffle?
f) Perfect night in! The wine glass is so funny!
g) So so good. Luckily after two I get full :)


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