Sunday, December 1, 2013

Weekend Update and other random shenanigans

Happy Monday and 2nd day of December! I'd first like to send a Happy Birthday wish to my Dad for his birthday today! I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving and weekend! We sure did. It was spent full of family, fun and laughs..there's nothing better! Here's a little bit of things from last week and this weekend!

After awhile of debating, I took the leap and signed up for Kaitlyn's Cara Box Exchange. I know, what's to debate about getting some goodies in the mail and making friends? It's hard when you live with people who have no idea you have a blog. I did not want to pass us this round though. Pairings are based on state, which may bring some awesome blates! Plus, the goodies have to be based on how you're partner shines, which is always so encouraging! I'm really looking forward to it! 

I got my wish a little bit last Tuesday morning, snow! I've been enjoying seeing all the instagram pictures of other's that have already gotten some good snow but we've had extreme cold and wind for days, so I was antsy for a least a little snow! The snow vanished in about an hour though.

This is totally random but my dad and I had to run to the liquor store the other night and we passed by this. While I can't even imagine that much, it was a nice display and seems to show New Hampshire's "Live Free or Die" name well!

Thanksgiving was such a good time! Brian and I went to visit his family in the morning and then came back here to join my parents and grandmother at my aunt and uncle's for dinner! We had some good food and good conversation

Although he didn't want to, my father decided to quickly put our tree up Thanksgiving morning. We won't be decorating it until we get back from Disney but that's ok! Something to look forward too. We've also been using a holiday tablecloth which I'm loving

My sister in law and niece flew up Thanksgiving night and are staying until Wednesday. Brian and I joined them Friday for some fun and then came back here so Brian could work at night. My SIL had her high school reunion Friday night so I offered to babysit and keep our niece overnight. She was a perfect angel! We had so much fun! My mom wanted to get pictures so we did a little photo shoot!

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Kylie said...

Love the pictures of you three! So cute! I'm definitely going to check out the Cara box exchange, because that sounds so fun. I hope you had an awesome break!

Laura H said...

Happy Birthday to your dad! Looks like you had an enjoyable holiday! I must say, the tree looks great with just lights on it, but I know it is fun to decorate! Have fun at Disney!

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