Friday, December 13, 2013

Snow, celebration and reflection

Happy Friday friends! I am so excited to say that today starts my month long vacation from school. Finally I can relax, sleep in and fully enjoy these next two weeks until Christmas. I hope all your finals have gone well also :) Today also marks a month until my birthday. Yes, I know, I've been caught between the lucky 13 and the infamous Friday the 13th. I'm getting ahead of myself, so for now lets see some things I'm high fiving!

- One -
We've been getting a little snow this week. A dusting to enough that we shoveled a little Tuesday. It's been extremely cold also! There have been so many car accidents around here these past three days due to black ice. Many of them occurring during the day also. Tuesday night, which was the main day of the semi-snow, a 17 year old boy was driving home and flipped over a guard rail onto the other side of an exit ramp. Unfortunately, he passed away. For us, my mom and I went to my grandmother's for the day. It started snowing that afternoon again and the view out my grandmother's back door was beautiful! Now for the drumroll....we're supposed to be getting a major snow storm tomorrow into Sunday. Bring it on :)

Outside my grandmother's window.

Who wants to come and be stuck inside with me all weekend?! 

- Two -
Yesterday concluded my finals. I only had to take 1 in class one. The other could be done at home while we didn't have one of the third class. I've been ready for this since the middle of October, or to be honest, the end of September. It's been a hard semester, which seemed like it was going to go on forever, and one I'd never want to repeat. I celebrated with this yummy goodness!

- Three -
The other night I spent time reflecting on a few certain things and feeling a little down. And then this happened...

- Four-
I know I said the other day I'd have pictures of Disney up but I've been so busy catching up this week. I'll have the post for you on Monday! It was such a magical time. Every single aspect of it. Here's a preview of the awesomeness we experienced.

- Five -
I'm going out on a limb here but after getting approval from Jenni to use her idea, I'm excited to announce that I'll be starting my own blog-every-day challenge. I'll be posting more info next week but I wanted to start the New Year off with inspiration. A question each day starting January 1st reflecting on the 2013 year and our hopes for the upcoming year. I'd love for you all to join me to share inspiration and encouragment with each other!

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Lisa Loves John said...

Such lovely flowers!!!

There is nothing little a little bouquet to cheer a girl up!

Happy weekending :)

Dani said...

I am jealous of your snow, (the fact that you can enjoy it, we have been at sub-zero temps) and your flowers :)

Letters from a Mermaid said...

UMMMM DISNEY LOOKED AMAZING! You are such a beautiful and lucky girl and you deserved a great time :) Did you say hello to Ariel for me?!

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

YAY FOR SNOW! And for surprise flowers!
Happy, merry weekend, beautiful!!! xx

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