Thursday, March 21, 2013

Belgian Waffles

If you asked me what my favorite breakfast food is, I'd say cereal. Seems kind of boring, I know, but it's quick and easy and I LOVE the kind we eat

It may not be as great as Fruit Loops or Lucky Charms or any of those but it does have alot less sugar and is SO much better for you.

At restaurants, I get the same thing EVERY time, no matter where we go. I know it's weird but there's something about scrambled eggs, home fries and toast...yum! 

Two breakfast foods I also love are pancakes and waffles. I'm picky about when I eat them for some reason. Although I like them, I'd never get them at a restaurant or get them at someone elses house, unless I had to. I guess maybe it's because they are sentimental and so I like to eat them at home and enjoy them without having to rush because we cant stay at the restaurant forever or be interrupted  I guess they are one of those special occasion things which I look forward to

I know, how can pancakes and waffles be sentimental? The pancakes are because my dad makes them. He learned how to make them from my grandmother who was an excellent cook. Sure, everyone has made pancakes but its kind of like a "family recipe". My grandmother used to cook for me before she passed away and I miss it because she was so good and so the pancakes remind me of her. My dad has made them for as long as I can remember. He's gotten laid off twice since 2009 and so when he was home all the time, it was easy to make them because he didn't have anywhere to go or anything. But now that he's working again its hard to find the time. Its funny how some type of food can be something that you don't take for granted! And waffles...these are special because of a time back in 2005. In October 2004 my Uncle and cousin opened a diner, a very small one but it was wonderful. It was just family that worked there, including myself and my dad. Just on weekends though, mostly Saturdays. My first job. It meant alot to the family and to me especially. In May of 2005 they decided to close it. It was a sad ending. They didn't tell me that they were closing or anything. I'm not sure why but I know they were all heartbroken so maybe that was it. I was working in the back doing dishes and cleaning and such. A few weeks before closing though, my cousin got me started working with the Belgian Waffle maker. I was able to make waffles for customers and make them look nice with whip cream and strawberries. That was fun! I didn't get a long chance to work with them but that time always stuck with me. It's even sweeter because when I make them now, it reminds me of my cousin, who now lives with his family in Florida. 

Thats what I"m bringing you today. The recipe for Waffles. Well, I hate saying a recipe because waffles can be made in many ways and the recipe I'm going to show you is just on the box but I love it so much so I had to share!

At Christmas 2011, my aunt and uncle bought me a Belgian waffle maker. Total surprise. I had been talking about how I missed making them with my mom for awhile but never though she'd actually tell someone to get it for me :) We love using it, Brian and I. I"m the one that makes them. I make them about once a week or maybe twice depending. It's nice to be able to cook for someone else too! We get to sit and chat which doesn't happen often because Brian's either at work or flying or doing something when the rest of us are eating.

So, here you go.  

  • I usually make 2-3 waffles at a time. You would need 1 1/2 cups of the mix. Honestly, it sometimes comes out 2 waffles and a very tiny 3rd one or sometimes the 3rd one comes out normal size too. Apparently that extra pinch makes a big difference....
  • 1 egg
  • 3 tablespoons of oil. A few weeks ago when making this we didn't have regular oil so I used Olive oil and it came out pretty good, so really either one
  • 3/4 cups of water

  • Basically just mix everything in a bowl. I like to stir for awhile just because the mix sometimes gets stuck and sometimes there are clumps. 
  • You want to fill the measuring cup up to the 2/3 line or a little more. I've found that if I go right up to the 2/3 line, when I put it in the iron, it will be too much. I also use the 1/3 cup to scoop it and then pour into the measuring cup. 
  • Definitely spray the iron first, of course :)
  • I normally leave the waffle cooking for 3 minutes. 

It's quick, easy, and such a yummy breakfast! 


Night Owler said...

they look good.

Susannah said...

I love savory breakfasts like scrambled eggs and bacon but these waffles sound super good! :-)

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