Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oh, Pinteresting!!!

Yes that's right! For the first time I'm going to reference Pinterest. I may not be your biggest Pinterester (totally made up!) just because I don't have alot of time but still LOVE all of their stuff!! My mom, aunt and grandmother go crazy with it so I spy on theirs sometimes if I don't have time to spend pinning my own stuff. 

Today though, I have gotten an idea and I'm REALLY excited about it.

Jewelry! What girl doesn't love that? I'm not the type of girl to wear rings on every finger or bracelets up to my elbows and don't even try to convince me of getting my ears pierced! The extent of my jewelry wearing is my engagement ring of course, a watch, a bracelet in honor of a cousin who passed away, and two other bracelets. I'm also the type of girl who likes color, and beads and such, instead of the vintage or older stuff that my mom would wear (not that what she wears is bad though of course!). I can remember back when I was in my early teens. My parents, grandmother and I had a tradition that every summer we'd go to Maine and stay for a week at this hotel that we love. The week consisted of the same things each year we went, just because they have so much to offer where we go. If you haven't been to Maine, you should seriously go. I have never been to a place more beautiful (except the Bahamas) and peaceful ! Anyway, The hotel we stayed at was just a walk away from the center of town. They had so many cute little shops! There is another place we would go (and still do!) not far from the hotel that was like its own little town. Right on the water, a few restaurants  and little shops line two sides of a cute! Whenever we would go, there was a shop that had jewelry  Bracelets  necklaces and everything you could think of! Granted this was back when those white necklaces that had those tiny round things and the necklace would stretch if you pulled. Its funny to look back at old pictures and see the necklaces or bracelets that we wore. I can remember though, it never failed, that I always got some type of necklace or bracelet that had little tiny sea shells or something beachy. I loved them just because it went well with Spring and Summer and were just fun!!! 

I am still like that today and always love to invest in a new one around this time. I love all kinds but beads and shells and color are my cup of tea. This is where my idea comes in.

Do any of you know what Sea glass is? Basically it comes up to the shore from the ocean when there is a high tide. Its weathered glass that is smoothed by the water and sand..its actually really pretty. My mom and aunt love to spend time at the beach looking for this stuff. There are so many different colors and shapes! I even like doing it sometimes too.  

Here's an example of my moms from their trip this past Monday. The first picture are of the ones from Monday that have been sanitized and sat in the sun. The second, she has jars that she puts them in. The colors in the first picture are mostly the same but there are alot of colors, trust me!

On to my idea. Make jewelry out of see glass. My mom says so many people do this and they actually sell it. I don't know if I'd sell it or if it would even get anywhere but the colors and shapes are so nice that it could work! I found online that you can also make other things out of sea glass besides jewelry.  For now I'm focusing just on that. Its different, unique and its something you can play around with to make different types, colors etc. And, its great for Spring and Summer!!

I took the liberty of going on to Pinterest and searching. There are so many different things people have done and I'm loving them all! I would totally go buy what they've made. I found one picture  and when I clicked on it, it brought me to the website. I searched Sea glass jewelry and it has so much that are beautiful. Below are some that I found on the Esty website.

I'm LOVING this one!

So now that I've posted them all, I've realized they are basically all blue. I  hadn't really payed attention when saving the images but its probably because that's my favorite color. These are just a few that stood out to me. As I said there are so many different styles, kinds and colors, so even if you don't like these choices, I'm sure you could find some you did like!!

So what do you all think? I'd really love any feedback. I've never done anything like this and still have to research but I'd love opinions. And if any of you are really interested, I'd love to chat with you about it, you all are so creative!!

Hope you're all having a great week!!!


Kristen said...

I looove the second to last one! gorgeous!

K @ Keeping Up With K... said...

That sea glass jewelry looks gorgeous!!

heydanixo said...

Dang that sea glass is beautiful!

KrissyGirl said...

Isnt it? You're familiar with it? Not many people are. My mom brings home the most beautiful colors and shapes.

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