Friday, March 15, 2013

Vacation Friday

It's Friday again! :) Always a great thing. Unfortunately though, for me and anyone else in the same boat, it also means Spring Break is almost ending :( This also means I have to start finding time in the next few days to take the two tests that my lovely professors decided to give....kinda silly huh?

Because of these two reasons and just the fact that I'd love to go, I'm bringing you this post. For those that just got snow/cold weather or anyone that just wants to go on vacation, I truly apologize for the tease

I would LOVE to be here right now......

Where you ask? The Bahamas of course!!! Back in 2008 I graduated from high school and this was my gift. Just my parents and I for 5 was INCREDIBLE! Definitely not somewhere you could go just to go, it was so expensive. But if you're willing, it's totally worth it. It's just like the commercials say: "its always better in the Bahamas". Couldn't be more true!! It's like nothing I've ever experienced and feels like a totally different world!

Here are photos from that first trip

The hotel was insane, seriously!!! I wish I could have taken a video of the whole thing. It took forever to get from one lobby to the next. You went past about 5 restaurants  a move theater  little gift shops and other things. Nuts!! It was tiring yet fun to have to walk through this maze and see all the different thing.

This was down at the Marina! They  had so many fun shops and things to do!

Like the above picture. This was out of our hotel room

They had little areas of these all throughout the water park and the was fun to see them all :)

This was the better believe we did this ALOT!

They had so many fish tanks!!!

We we went on a dinner cruise which was amazing

This is the one where you go underwater and see all the sharks

this was part of the rapids. It was kind of like a lazy river but so much better. There were BIG waves to get over, you went under bridges with the water banging against you. There were so many things that the rapids did. We went on like 3 times a day, so fun!

Jonny Jockets...we had fun here!!

The water was SO clear!

You only have to be 18 to drink or gamble

In the hotel

so that was in 2008. In 2011 we decided to go again but this time took Brian. Here are pictures from that time!

It poured for like two hours the day we got there!

One of the slides

My dad :)

I won!!

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Niki A said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. My spring break is ending as well and I have a 5 paged project I have to get cracking on but instead I am replying to blogs. LOL Procrastination at its finest. I hope you have a great weekend!

New follower. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the Bahamamas!

Raeven said...

I'm so jealous that you stayed there! I visited once and got to walk through the place, but I was on a cruise so we only had a limited amount of time there. Great pictures!

Revamp Spunky Rena said...

Hi Lovely. I'm your newest follower from Blog Hop.
Your blog is awesome.
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Shelley said...

It looks like a great vacation!! My dad and I were just talking about how the only nice parts of tje Bahamas are the resorts and all around it is dirt poor. That's sad! Did you notice?

Amy B. said...

Oh I'm so jealous. Thanks for linking up!

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